Talismans for trees


Gratitude. I am thankful for my plant allies and want to express it with yet another batch of talismans. So I dive into my creative cabinet and return to the table with boxes and tins filled with treasures.

Taking one specific plant into mind, I assemble a little handmade trinket, a talisman, a thank you-gift. One by one I create them for the fig, the grapevine and the apple tree.
My husband walks by and I explain:”I’m making gifts for the trees!” “Oh yes, of course…” is his amused answer.

Expressing gratitude towards another living being is an art form that I have neglected too often. Now that the heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection is so powerful that it is almost tangible to me, I experience the connection – and communication – between me and my plant friends as that of good human friends: warm, respectful, and of loving service.







Recipe: Nourish&Heal oil

Nourish and Heal face oil recipe

The idea to publish the recipes for my face oil and deodorant have been circling in my mind for some time already, and now that the ever-inspiring Milla from The Woman Who Married a Bear shared her deeply mindful train-of-thought about personal skin care (and asked about ours) on Instagram, it’s time for action – here it is, the Nourish & Heal face oil, in all her glory!

background story:

I had always had a ‘combination skin’, meaning that parts of my face would be oily (nose, cheeks, chin) whilst other parts, especially the skin right above my eyes and eyebrows, would be dry to the point of red and itchy. I used the regular moisturizers from skin care labels within the reach of my student/start-up budget.

Every break-through begins with a crisis (not sure if that’s 100% true but it sounds great and applied to my situation), here’s mine: I was pregnant, and then had a big, healthy baby, and suddenly my skin wouldn’t take the ‘regular’ stuff anymore. Moisturizers and cleansers all burned on my skin and all I could use was water, soap and olive oil.

I had been a huge fan of Kenzo’s ‘Jungle’ perfume (the ‘Elephant’ variation, though ‘Tiger’ would have matched my horoscope better) but suddenly perfume was giving me splitting headaches, so regular fragrances became a no-go area as well.

My curiosity led me to reading all around the internet and I started experimenting at home. I found jojoba oil a wonderfully soothing moisturizer for my facial skin, and mixed in a few drops of essential oil. Lo and behold, this was the birth of Nina’s Nature (along with a dream, you can read it here, otherwise the intro really gets too long)!

So let’s get to the recipe, shall we?

This will make 50ml face oil, enough to last for months when you apply a little every evening. After tapping it lightly on my face I pat my hands ‘dry’ at the ends of my hair = it doubles as hair serum! I use a 50ml glass bottle with a dropper to contain this natural wonder remedy.

Measure, mix (=shake), use and enjoy. And then make some for your friends!

25ml jojoba oil
15ml argan oil
9ml almond oil
4 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops frankinsence essential oil
1 drop rose (attar) essential oil
6 drops geranium essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil

The oils are healing and deeply nourishing. The essential oils are all chosen for their skin repairing qualities.

Go for high quality materials – your skin (and nose) will thank you.

The face oil as above has a light scent to it, but you can of course experiment with your own mixes of essential oils, bearing in mind that some essential oils can be very potent/strong (‘burning’) on the tender facial skin. Test first on a small area of tender skin, like on the inside of your wrist.

I’m sharing this recipe for personal use only. Adapting it for commercial use will cause you instant bad karma, you’ve been warned.









Intuition, part 3


I’ve always been jealous of people who knew from their very early life “what they want to be when they grow up”. It must be wonderfully clear and simple to steer with all your focus towards that goal.

The Path of Life…surely intuition should be giving us a map and a compass, road signs and a Lonely Planet Guide to assist us in our adventure? Oh, but it does! Only…sometimes it’s a puzzle.

Looking back at your life you could make a list of things that map your journey from (very) early on, like:

  • Your favorite book(s)?
  • Your list of occupations you thought might fit? (the younger your age at the moment of dreaming, the more accurate is your guess)
  • Your favorite movie(s)?
  • Your hobbies – public and/or secret…(bonus points for secret hobbies)
  • Your Grand Dream from 9 to 18 years old.

My list is: Lord of the Rings, veterinarian/illustrator/explorer, Indiana Jones, music&dancing (and witchcraft), moving abroad.

This could translate to: multi-dimensional inter-species Magic World, healing, adventure (I was smitten with Indiana), expression and herbal, holistic healing, There-is-more-to-this-life-than-you-see-now.

Looking back in Life, there have been many crossroads. Which study should I choose? In which land and city? Should I make that move?

Usually Life has a wonderful way of casting the future at our feet. We “only” have to have the courage to step into it. It’s the waiting time, sitting on the fence and not knowing what to do that frustrates and keeps us stuck.

What is stopping the flow? Why aren’t things moving?
I’ll tell you why: the blind spot-creator for intuition is fear. The stopper of any kind of flow is fear. The only thing keeping you away from having a blast at life is – fear.

Know your fear, befriend it. Really, it’s not an enemy or a monster, but an invitation.
Fear is the new thing you haven’t done yet, the step beyond your comfort zone. Fear is an invitation for adventure, to grow stronger, to become even more you.

Identify your fear, brew up a plan (and talk about it with a good friend), take a deep breath and go for it!
Feed your fear to the wolves of your curiosity. Your future you will thank you for being so brave.

Road signs: As a visionary, I have no shortage of daydreams, but another handicap: I know where I’m now and I know where I want to go, but it seems as if there’s a great void in between “here” and “there” and I don’t know how to build that bridge. “Oh, but you do!” You always know a next step. Take it. And then the next.

Build a bridge one step at a time.

Direction: When lost, sit still with your eyes closed and an empty mind and listen to your Heart. Listen to it’s silent language of hunches, energy and light.

Talk with people. Listen to their wisdom.

Take your time, be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the journey.





Intuition, part 2

Rose, a plant spirit ally of the Heart

Listen to your intuition – because intuition is always right, it is your default compass.

But then comes the day when your inner world seems to consist of at least two different camps, and they are saying totally different things. Where’s the voice of intuition? However you look and search, you can’t find a coherent direction, on the contrary: it’s a total mess. What’s going on?

Welcome to the lands of Heart and Head.

Yes, we’re all born with a strong intuition, this gut feeling, the pure knowing of the Heart. But then something curious happens. We get told that things are done in such and such a way, that this one is better than the other, that we’re expected to live and behave in a certain way. By our parents, teachers, mentors, friends – often people who genuinely love us and have the best intentions for us.

As a fresh, innocent, malleable young person, we believe what we’re told. We take it for granted, listen attentively, take it in. But what if our elders are not-so-clear? What if they, in turn, have been thought by erratic people? And what if there’s a whole group of these people having erratic ideas – a whole family, nation or the whole population of your part of the world?

Then it’s very difficult to tell right from wrong, intuition from indoctrination, your original opinion from the prevailing idea.

As a self-improving, healthy person you want to get this thing right. So what do you do?

As with everything fun in Life, also here are various variations to tackle the situation.
One, which you’ve probably already noticed is recognition. You meet someone and start a conversation, and if the conversation gets warm and nice enough you touch things that truly matter: values, choices, Love etc. And you or the other says something brilliant and a light sparks in your eyes and you agree – we have the same, strange, misfitting idea. Wonderful!

Or, the Universe helps you, in totally unexpected ways: your questioning thought gets Approval and Answer From the Universe Itself through a song on the radio, a book you happened to buy years ago and you finally read it now or you watch a movie and could just explode by the upcoming emotions of recognition…See? Arts are the language of Spirit.

And for the studious, devoted people out there we have a special medicine, called meditation. By quieting the mind and just observing the landscape of your inner world, you will become more skilled in discerning the qualities of Truth and the rest. Not-truth feels edgy, uneasy, heavy, cold, not inviting. It drains you and is uninspiring. If it’s attractive but not-truth, it makes you confused and restless, frustrated and not-such-a-nice person.

All head-stuff, hormones, ego food and values that we’ve learned from others rather than filtered through our Soul (= looked at it from different angles, probed, tested and approved)  belong to the land of the Head. Useful for functioning in our society and for solving short term problems, but not very fulfilling or uplifting in the long term.

Enter the land of the Heart. Many of us have a lot of healing to do first, since the world we’re living in at the moment is not a very harmonious place.
Even with a broken Heart you can already navigate, but be gentle, patient and compassionate with your Self.

The Heart recognizes Truth. “It rings true”. Truth makes you relax. Expand. Fill with Love. (Love is healing, so stay with it, take your time).
Truth makes connections, opens possibilities, makes your Light brighter. Truth is creative, joyful and playful, it’s singing, dancing and sharing togetherness. Truth is respect for expression, yours and mine. Truth is respect for boundaries – mental, physical and energetic.

I wrote down a wishlist for my Self at the beginning of this week, not quite knowing what it meant at that moment: letting go, grounding, relaxing, being wild! Letting go, grounding and relaxing are my homework for the land of the Head. Being wild! is the assignment for my Heart.

As always, your comments are very welcome.

Part three of this Intuition-series will be about the Life Path.






pond, elemental
pond at the washing house

Intuition. Gut feeling. Hunch.

But how do you know? How do you know if what you “know” is real or not? And how do you get better at intuition?

Let’s start at the beginning. We’re all born with an inner compass, our intuition. It tells us what is safe and real, and what’s not. Of course our mind is curious, we want to learn, and we do all kind of exciting stupid stuff in order to learn about limits – like putting your finger in a flame (“I wonder what it’ll be like…ouch!”). Learning is good, but intuition is…golden.

Let me come with an example.
One day this summer we had planned to go to the grocery store in the morning. In France outside the cities all public life is having déjeuner, lunch from 12.00 to 14.00 or 14.30, so if you want to get your groceries done, you plan to do it in the morning or after 14 o’clock. “Nnnaaah… I don’t know… I don’t feel we should go now. I feel it’s better to go this afternoon.”
Less than an hour later, a fierce thunderstorm was above the village, lightning struck and our electricity meter caught fire – inside the house. If I had stuck with the plan in my head, obeying the mind, our house would have burnt down. Thanks to honouring intuition and going with the flow we were there to extinguish the fire.

Another, less dramatic example. We were visiting a tiny village not very far from our house, with a public “wash-house” – an open space with a roof, connected to a natural well. In the days before washing machines ( I’m glad to live in this time!) the washing was done here, along with the gossip, I suppose. The water is very drinkable and I enjoyed a cool handful of this refreshing treat, admiring the flowers and listening to the sound of running water.
Suddenly I felt a tickle of…something, pulling at my attention. I followed the direction and arrived at the side of the washing house, with a peaceful pond, laying lower and much less prominent than the well itself. I could sense the Deva of this pond, a water nymph, greeting me and smiling at me, and suddenly I saw how beautiful this space was. It is almost hidden, but very, very…powerful, special, sacred. I was happy to meet with her and will certainly return.

You know when you meet someone new and you get a feeling they’re not trustworthy, and you listen to their sweet talk and you believe them and later…your intuition tells you “I told you so”. Well, it’s about time you, me, we all start taking our intuition seriously! It’s a tricky world we’re living in at the moment, and even though more and more people are waking up, the shadow side is doing all it can to trick itself into power again. The only trustworthy source in these times is your intuition.

So how do you train intuition? Here’s a fun game to play with your kid or a good friend: Play a game of guessing, for instance, one of you will think of a colour – begin with three primary colours, red, yellow and blue. The one thinking of the colour can close their eyes and really intensely see, think and be that colour. The other one does the guessing and then you switch roles.

You can do this with anything: birthday wishes, favourite vacation locations, what you’re hungry for right now etc.

Next time I’ll write about intuition vs. thought. See you then!


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a healing session in July

healingI start with meditation and move into the Healing Space, protecting myself and my client.

First I want to scan for shadow-beings and remove those. I find a small one in her head, it is tiny, but it’s “capping” the pineal gland, muting the clarity of the pineal gland that it should have. Removing the little shadow being and sending it to the Universal center (to be recycled to more useful stuff) opens the energy channels of my client to flow freely and her energy body gets much brighter and larger.

Moving further I find scaly, dry, dark stuff at the base of her neck and around the shoulders. It looks like dark dirty dry scales of fish skin and as I’m rubbing it off I get the information that what I see is old debris from responsibilities that she ‘had to carry’ while it wasn’t hers to carry…A load put on her shoulders left these marks. I scrub it away and when clean, I let light pink light shine on the area. The light also streams up her neck and into the point of the pineal gland where the tiny shadow being had been. These areas get bathed in pink light.

Moving further I see a tightness at the throat. The colour is greenish, while it could be more blue to make a beautiful turquoise. This to me indicates that more freedom and space could be used in her voice.

Her hand palms are a little bit ‘dirty’ from touching the bodies of others to ease pain and tension. I wash them with light and make a mental note to remind her to protect herself before giving sessions to others.

Then my focus goes further and comes at the womb. I don’t even have to search: a shadow-being, the size of a big baby dwells there and I take it out from the side of her belly. A quick question if it would like to transform to a light-being gets a bitter snarling answer from it and so I send it to the center of the Universe in a packet of Light. It has left three small eggs that resemble ant eggs in form but are black and larger. I remove those and send them away, scan if all is clean now and the answer is yes. The over-all condition of the womb is now very healthy, cozy and welcoming. It has a warm pink colour and a Love-vibration, very inviting! A baby would feel at home here🙂

Going further I notice something small and ‘gritty’ at her left knee, around the left-lower corner of the kneecap. I remove the grits and it’s now clean.

The legs and feet give a healthy, grounded feeling.

I pose the question if there’s anything else I should do and her Soul emerges (visually amazing: her energy body is lying down, and from the middle axis in longitude comes the Soul like a nymph from the trunk of a tree, from a natural split that emerges in the body) and addresses the wish to move to south-Europe. I check if Soul, Mind and Heart are in synch on this, and see that the Soul and Mind are fine with it, but the Heart is afraid.

I wonder what to do about it and the answer “Plant Spirit Medicine” comes up. I’m feeling around for a plant candidate and Hawthorn comes up front. It’s such an obvious ally for the Heart that I’m hesitating a little bit and ask for a second opinion from my helpers. They bring to my attention to a special healing spot I know,  it is the home of Walnut and Hawthorn, and I get the message they want to give the Hearth strong roots – strength and grounding.

I watch as the Heart is lifted from her chest and laid on a stone altar in the healing spot, and Walnut and Hawthorn start to work their healing on it.

I realize this is a very vulnerable situation and hold (protect) the spaces, a strong protection around our energy bodies and an eye on what is going on with the Heart.

It takes a while but then I get the message it’s ready. I look at the Heart and it’s much bigger now and deep red. I laugh a bit “you’ve got yourself a Wild Heart!” I think as we place it back to where it belongs and heal the “wound” with Light.

I thank the Walnut, the Hawthorn, my spirit helpers, bathe my client in intense golden light and close the meditation.

Thank you.


The Human link


Finding my way in the Natural world has raised the question: what is our role as human in the ecosystem and spiritual community of Nature?

In comparison: animals have their instinctively driven tasks of animal/plant control through feeding on other living things, they fertilize the ground with droppings  and increase the dynamics of any given space by their movements. In doing so, they are a vital caretaker of their habitat.

Plants absorb nutrients from the soil into their own bodies and produce oxygen and cooling shadow as well (talk about amazing!). They also enrich the soil with their waste material – fallen leaves and other dead plant parts, from roots to top.

Nature spirits and elementals have a harmonizing and enlivening effect. Wherever they’re present, there is beauty and magic, vitality and joy. I’m not quite sure how they do it, but they seem to bring enhanced Life energy to wherever they dwell.

And us humans? I’m not going to go into all the things we’re doing wrong at the moment, but instead I want to jump straight into what we could do right.

We, humans, have the wonderful capability of making things. We can form our surroundings – clear space, build a shelter, dig a waterway, plant trees, introduce animals into a habitat and so on.

My own approach to working with Nature – in my case in the ‘ordinary’ sense: I’m gardening – has been coloured by the permaculture movement: watch Nature, copy Nature and learn from Nature. This was always ‘head-work’ to me, my mind in action.
Now I’ve woken up to realize that there is a deeper level to working with Nature – interspecies communication.

In order to work with Nature effectively, I’ve got to open my senses to the other players in the field – the plants, animals and nature spirits.
Together we can form a Natural space that provides food and shelter for all of us, works as a dynamic ecosystem and is charged with high energy and beauty. A source of health and happiness!

With the human mind, creativity and technical ability, we can create forms and solutions that Nature alone can’t make.
When we listen to the other players in the Nature-game and co-create we can heal the Planet.

I find it challenging to be the loving gardener of two gardens – when I’m present in one, I’m absent from the other. So I forged ‘a deal’ with the nature spirits of both places: when I’m away, they run the place.

A short time ago I took a look with my spiritual eye at the spiritual life in our place ‘out there’, since the vibration is clearly rising in the garden ‘in here’. To my shock I saw that the nature spirits were sleeping in the earth, in the trees and stones. They weren’t dancing around and being merry as I had seen in a vision about the future. Upon asking how this could be, the answer was a somewhat blunt and matter-of-fact statement: “If you are not active, we are not active. It takes two to tango.”

I’ve been planting trees, bushes and other plants in order to create a foodforest and healing gardens. We’ve been mowing paths and cutting back brambles, moving stones around and building stairs and terraces. But all this shaping and preparing, while it’s positive and useful, is not the same thing as hanging out with your place. Just sitting around, listening to what it is saying, singing, wishing and needing. For a small degree we’ve been listening, as in listening to intuition for where certain plants should go, or how a path might curve. But building up a friendship with your place…is something deeper, more meaningful and in spiritual/energetic terms more powerful.

I’m curious to see what the coming season will bring. I will bring my gifts. And I’m looking forward to lots of sitting and listening to the land, conversations with the local nature spirits and human neighbors🙂 , taking into account the wishes of the flora and fauna whose home it already is. To be continued.

(I offer interspecies communication as a service, but I also have to remind you that anyone can learn it and use it in their own situation. It’s a bit like the choice between learning a language and hiring a translator. Anyone can learn the language, and it’s useful, but if you don’t think it’s worth the effort for you in your personal situation, you hire someone. As simple as that.)



talismans by Simperi

Talismans – or amulets – are small objects I make for a person who has received a shamanistic healing*, or I make them for my spirit allies in nature to thank them.

I often didn’t photograph talismans as I thought they were of such a personal nature that it was inappropriate to show them in public. But then almost no-one sees them and I don’t have a visual record of what I’ve been up to! So I’ll try to improve and get into the habit of snapping more photos.

The talismans will find their way to little cracks, holes and cavities in nature, to the places I associate with the different nature spirits. Each talisman is made with a specific ally in mind.

* I make a personal talisman for a client if and when it is needed to anchor a healing. The talisman becomes a symbol of the healing that has taken place, and the person carries the talisman as long as it is needed for the healing to settle, integrate and become a part of the persons’ new reality.

I use a variety of materials to work with. Feathers, stones, shells, natural fibers (nettle and flax being favourites!), leather, parchment, semi-precious stones, copper, silver, buttons, lace, paper, beads… I am surrounded by my treasures and fabricate these small bundles of joy🙂 Life is good.







Healing session 7th June


A long distance healing session for a man (65 – 70 years old)

(I got a call from a distressed relative of a man who was angry, frustrated, drunk and threatening to kill himself. The police had visited them to calm down the situation, but the family remained in the fear for a worst case scenario.

With the information of the name, whereabouts and close relatives of the person in question, I went into the Healing Space.)

The following is a short resume of the session, which went into much deeper dimensions than I had expected:

“ I call my helpers … and they arrive. We need to be five for this healing to be potent in exactly the right way.

We become light beings, shining golden light – the healing can begin.

We travel backwards in time, arriving in a time when the person in question was a little boy, perhaps five years old. I see him doing his best, but being nagged to and getting endless complaints from his parents and sister. This is where the hurting began.

I invite the emotional bodies of the child-version of this man, and the adult version of him in front of me: they lay peacefully inside each other (child emotional body inside adult emotional body) in a horizontal position. Initially I see them as two separate vessels, but as the healing begins the separation dissipates and there is only one adult emotional body.

I begin the cleaning work, removing black shadow-beings from different areas of his emotional body, encapsulating them in golden light and sending them to the center of the Creation. One being doesn’t want to be ‘recycled’ and after a strict investigation I conclude its request is authentic and valid and watch the transformation taking place: it is turning from a parasite to a guardian, from black to white light, and I know it will fulfill its function perfectly.

I’m strengthening the Heart of the person in question with Rose Quarts, Rose and Hawthorn spirits.

I turn the emotional bodies around and see there are about twenty sharp objects in the back of the person. I carefully remove them and heal the wounds.

I increase the intensity of the golden light and bathe the energy bodies in it. They now “humm” at a much higher vibration.

I turn my attention to his partner, a woman of around the same age as he is. Her energy body remains upright as I remove shadow beings from it and direct healing golden and pink light to the holes.

I notice that his ego (and energy body) is much taller than hers. I ask his ego to return to its natural Soul size. It shrinks. I then request the energy body to tune out of the ego frequency and into the Soul frequency and I see the energy body grow again, but in a more organic manner – softer, rounder.

I ask the energy body of his partner to grow to its natural Soul size. With some hesitation it increases its size by 50%. I request her energy body also to tune in to Soul frequency, and I see it also connecting to the Light energy web of our World.

I bathe them both separately in intense golden Light. I then tune in to rose Light (pink) and place them into this Love Light. They are together again, both of them strong, independent, their selves.

I bless them and turn my attention to my helpers.

We take each others hands and a great pillar of light appears within the circle that we are forming, going deep into the Earth and high into the Heaven. It is very powerful, and heightens our vibration as it pulses within our circle. I notice it is healing the family lines of him and her.

After the work is done, the intensive energies subside, I thank my helpers and return to day consciousness.

The following day I get this message:” All is well! They are so very thankful for this Life and for each other – he says he is “almost bursting with Love for her” “. Thank You.

Energy work is a service that I offer. You can read more about it here.