The Bee

bumblebee on self-heal, in my garden yesterday

Last evening I had the chance to see this documentary (Queen of the Sun) about bees…
It was life-changing. It is giving an insight to the nature of bees, our original connection with the bees and the state of the bees – and of us – today.

This year has been revolutionary to me so far, and it looks like the exploration to deeper levels of being-ness will continue for some time.

The herbal study is going on, on many levels (reading, practical, spiritual). I’m enjoying daily herbal teas from the garden, harvesting generous plants for future use, and making St.Johns wort oil for the first time in my life. It is an intense time, with little room for sharing the new impulses with the rest of the world – I need to feel it all, filter it through myself, integrate it. Only then, when I have ‘found the new ground under my feet’, the communication about it can follow.

Wishing you a great adventure on your path of life. Keep your senses open!