Animal Communication workshop with Anna Breytenbach

Very early in this year I saw the documentary of Anna Breytenbach, the animal communicator, on the internet .
I was so intensely happy to have found it – here was my proof that inter-species communication exists!

Here is a trailer of the film “The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit”.

I subscribed to Anna’s newsletter, and by chance, two weeks later I got the announcement she was coming to teach in the Netherlands! I jumped at the chance, and got in, among an international group of enthusiastic participants, learning to “get out of our own way” with the guidance of Anna, in the first weekend of July.

photos from the All Is Energy Academy’s blog

Anna is a very gentle, firm, informative and gifted tutor, with lots of humor and compassion. I can truly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning animal communication!

My own motivation was learning to communicate (better) with plants. I thought that animal communication and plant communication would not be very different. And indeed, it is all inter-species communication, and although after a weekend I can’t fluently communicate with all other beings on this Planet, I’m happy to have a solid base to practice further on. (And yes, it works!)

You can find Anna via her website

Find more about Plant Spirit healing here

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