A misty morning

This morning it was very cold – and very misty.
As I was bringing my child to school with the bicycle, the shivers of cold soon melted into silent admiration.
The sun rose slowly above the horizon, surrounding us in white light.

On my way back, I had the idea of taking a look at the gardens of the local nature society. “But I’m cold!” I thought. And yet, the bicycle took a left turn where it should have gone right (according to my freezing toes).
I got to the gardens and I was struck with awe. And with regret of not having my camera with me.
In the following split second I was heading for my bike, raced home to fetch the camera (took some photos along the way) and arrived just as the sun came through the tree tops.

Tiny droplets hung on cobwebs, transforming the garden into a display of natures very own jewellery.
The dry, brown stems of plants with seeds on them (or not) were wrapped in watery diamonds and pearls. Perhaps I should carry the camera with me always, just in case.