Midsummer, Solstice – a new chapter

This coming Sunday, 21st of June, is the day of Solstice, Litha, Midsummer. 

It is an important festive day in the Nordic countries. And, coming from Finland, I feel the urge to celebrate it too.

Midsummer this year will be a perfect moment for shedding old thought-forms and burdens…that what doesn’t serve you any longer.


Here’s a suggested ceremony:

* Write down on a piece of paper the things that you want to leave behind.

* Start a fire with gratitude in your heart for the good things in your life (try to be quite specific!).

* Toss the paper into the fire and ask the element of Fire to transform the old and useless things that were a burden into ashes – food for a new, more fitting manifestation of your Life.

* State your intention for the new chapter of your Life you’re stepping into.

* Thank and honour your family, friends, helpers, spiritual guides, Life and your Self…  and toast with elderflower champagne! (I tweaked the recipe slighty – less sugar, more flowers – and it’s seriously drinkable!)


Hungry for more spiritual inspiration for Midsummer? My favourites are here and here.

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