A new season

Seasons of Life - evolution, chances | Nina's Nature

Motion. Evolution. Flow.
The Seasons turn, the energy changes. We have been celebrating, soaking in the light and the warmth, having fun together. Now the energy slowly starts to turn inwards, our movements outside circle closer to our nest, we hesitantly start our preparations for the colder season.

Life is one, continuous metamorphose. Nothing stays the same. You were a child, now you might be a parent – or a grand parent. You were a student…and now? You have gained your unique set of tools, wisdom, through your experiences.
How about putting them to good use?

Our Planet is in a shift as well. The climate, the people…nature. It has been suggested that the humankind is (finally, hopefully) maturing. We have been rowdy teenagers/young adults, playing around quite carelessly. But now the results are getting too obvious to ignore and we scratch behind our ear: I never meant it to be like this.
Time to grow up, and to take responsibility for our Home and for our Family – this Planet and the living beings on it.

But how do we do it?
I don’t know, I have no experience of such a shift from before.
But I can imagine that the shifting could start with each and every individual, also encouraging each other, in the pace we are ready to hear one another.

Release, gracefully – thankfully. Let go of old beliefs that have proven useless or harmful. Let go of stuff you don’t really need. With blessings, let go of relationships that no longer serve you. And with surrender, let go of old dreams that no longer bring sparks of excitement into your eyes.

With curiosity, carefully step into the New World we all are creating. Be mindful of yourself and each other, protect, go slowly, softly. We are birthing a new oneness, togetherness. Looking into each others eyes, holding our breath: what will happen next?  Be curious. Come, let’s create together.