Do you know that feeling of not being able to focus, feeling like you’re not inside yourself… Or even: feeling like you’re walking on air. Does it sound familiar?

Then it’s time to stop and ground yourself.

Get into physical contact with the Earth – walk barefoot, sit on a tree trunk, lay down on the ground. Greet the Earth with your attention. Feel your weight pressing you against the Earth, and the Earth pressing against your skin. Expand your attention from that surface contact into the ground. Grow roots with your attention, ever so softly.

Pay attention to what you feel.

Come back, above the ground with your attention, and allow your attention to gently radiate to your surroundings, to the beings around you. Just notice their presence and relax together with your surroundings.
Grounded, expanded, send a thought-line to the Sky above. Past the blue roof of our Planets’ atmosphere and to the place where your consciousness came from. How does that feel?

Now return.

Let’s align ourselves with what we came here for.
Why are you here?
What is the reason you wanted to be born on Planet Earth, now?

Our Planet is in danger, evolving and in a shift – all of these things at the same time.
How do we then know what to do? How could an individual make a difference?

But you are not alone. We are here all together: people, animals, plants…elementals and the deva’s of all the living things. All co-creating, together. All you have to do is to tune in, listen and join in the natural flow, taking the good action, evolving together.

Focus your attention. Pull your mind back from “out there” to “in here, right now”.
Meditate. Journal. Pay attention. Evaluate your beliefs, goals, values. Ponder.
Take your time. Awaken to awareness.

A year ago I took part in the animal communication workshop, given by Anna Breytenbach. I was delighted to find out that the communication techniques that apply to animals, also apply to other living beings – plants, deva’s of places, Mother Earth.
Inter-species communication is the name for it.

Tuning in, aligning yourself takes effort. I’m as distracted as anyone else at times, and yet… the choice is yours. What do you choose? Distraction and indifference, or focus and carefully chosen actions?

You can begin now. Get away from your electronic devices and tune in. Get befriended with your Soul.



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