The perfumed doorway

The Perfumed Doorway - small choices, big impact | Nina's Nature

Often in Life, things happen seemingly at random. And when you look back, you notice that a small thing actually was a doorway to something much bigger, life-changing even.

I’ll share my story about a doorway.

One night I dreamt that my grandmother, who had already passed to the other side of the veil, gave me a present: she gifted me a collection of fancy purses, each one containing a unique perfume bottle, bathing in it’s own coloured light.

In the morning I decided to turn my playful hobby of making natural perfumes into a business. Just to try it out.

Fast forward three years and Nina’s Nature perfumes was taking off. It went well, after all the hard work and investment. Unfortunately, just as it was taking flight, rules and regulations cut it’s wings and the perfumes were put into hibernation.

But…something important had happened. During all the perfume-creating my sixth sense had been slowly opening. Suddenly I “knew” which ingredients should go into a perfume in order to evoke a certain feeling. I also “knew” which perfume a client could use the best.
And in the garden… I was a novice to gardening, and was playing with the space, quite freely, in order to learn. Slowly it dawned to me that some plants were calling to me if they were not happy. If they needed watering, or longed for another place in the garden, I would…”know”. I would know from across the garden, feel this tugging feeling, ‘please come closer, I have something to tell you’.

It takes courage to do new things. It is scary to be vulnerable. And yet, it is the only way I know to get closer to the core,  to live a life that truly makes me happy, and to grow. To be brave – scared and determined at the same time – makes me stronger, and softer, more compassionate.

The next time an extraordinary dream, an inspiring thought, a sparkling meeting takes place, don’t skip it thinking it’s just coincidence. Coincidence is magic waiting to happen! Give it a chance, open the door.



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