Welcome December, end of the Year

Welcome December, end of the year

Well, here we are, in the last month of this year. Time to prepare, share and celebrate, to reflect and count blessings, and to project wishes to the future.

When I was a child I saw my grandmother and my mother preparing the house – cleaning and decorating – and baking and making special dishes for Christmas. Personally, I had mixed feelings about Christmas: I loved the fact that everyone got together, there was a special ‘Christmas smell’ in the air, the Christmas tree was beautiful and I enjoyed the presents. On the other hand I found the rigid structure of grown-up rituals sooo boring: sticking to a certain order of things to happen, to times when they should happen and to exactly how they should happen.

Now we’re grown-ups ourselves (more or less…) and prepare for the festive season in our own unique ways. How about preparing by becoming still and silent, and looking at the values that arise? Take it from there, all the decorating and the rest of it.

Share and celebrate
Getting together to celebrate the simple but extatically joyous fact that we’re sharing this lifetime together is my driving force for any get-together! I find it amazing to recognize soulmates from many paths and to have fun with them in this lifetime. Celebrating our joys and sorrows, our achievements and struggles, losses and gains.
Life is such an adventure, and getting together is a wonderful opportunity to share our stories, to love and be supported.

Reflect and count blessings
What a year it has been, and still is. Being pushed out of my comfort zone by the simple fact that time ripened, and taking my first wobbly steps as the new me in public (=online) has been scary and exhilarating at the same time. My blessings are private and plentiful, and it is such a healthy exercise to put them on paper. You do that too, don’t you – counting your blessings? They are more abundant than you’d guess!

Projecting wishes
Health and happiness are the wishes at the base of every wish I have. Once again, what goes on my wish list is private (save one exception, below), but between Christmas – or Yule or Winter Solstice – and New Year I’m actively projecting them on paper and sending them to the Spirit.










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