The time that is given to us

what do you do with your time?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

After a busy November and first half of December, arrived two weeks of blissful being. Working on the land in mellow temperatures and sunshine, evenings by the wood stove, great books to read and seasonal sharing with friends… Unwinding, enjoyment and tuning into the humm of the Universe with such ease.
“I’ll hold on to this bliss, no matter what”, I thought, and I was so very wrong.
Upon returning to the city, the busy everyday life avalanched upon me and I felt the vibration of something tightening up within me, something that just might snap in a week or so if I didn’t remedy it.

We all have our own rituals that help us unwind and center. Yoga, a walk in nature, star gazing – it all works. Find your magic trick, and put it into use – regularly.

My best remedies include gardening, walking in nature, meaningful conversation over a glass of red wine and intentional tuning in to Spirit.

On Monday evening, in silent solitude, it was the last of the mentioned medicines I turned to. Lighting many candles, I took out my cauldron – in my opinion the best vessel to burn herbal incense in – and got to work. Brewing a little ritual, I reconnected with the spirit of the great Spruce and got into our dialogue…


In our busy lives we often don’t take the time to do our healing arts as regularly as would be good for us. The daily tasks pile up and bother us until we at some point out of exhaustion fall in bed in the evening or night and immediately fall in sleep. The next morning the crazy rat race begins again. Do we want this? NO. Do we do it? Well…it depends. It is up to you and me individually to decide what you want to do with your time. Run the rat race? Then do it. Dream up a better plan and follow through? Definitely do that.


Last year I became a better mother to myself. I go to bed early, get up early, do my things regularly and as well I can at any given moment. And it works! I get more done, am more content with the quality of my time and it is a self feeding cycle. Because I am happier, I do the things that produce this great outcome again and again. It just feels right.

I’ve gathered the ‘better parenting rules for grown-ups’ in the free download “Ten steps to a better Life” which you get when you subscribe to the Newsletter.

Wishing you a healthy, adventurous, prosperous and happy year, filled with Love.



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