Plant Spirit Healing – working together with plant consciousness & why

Next to providing us with oxygen, food and herbal remedies, plants can do more – much more!

If you’ve ever had a walk in the woods and had a secret, silent discussion with a tree, you know what I’m talking about. The same goes for gardening and feeling your attention is being tugged towards a thirsty plant. Plants are sentient beings, just like animals and we humans are.

When I was a little girl, I preferred solitude to crowds (I still do), and often found myself sitting at the root of a great oak tree.
I can’t remember how our relationship began, but I do remember reading fairy tales, as pictograms, from his bark. It was like reading a book with symbolic images. I was eagerly deciphering the story that the oaks’ bark was telling me.

As an adult gardener, my garden plants started to communicate with me…and even though my very good friend told me not to tell anyone, I’m sharing it with you. Because I think it is important to shed light on what is possible.

So what is Plant Spirit Healing?

To summarize, Plant Spirit Healing is working together with the spirit of a plant in order to solve a problem.
That can be a health issue, but it can also be about a difficult decision, a situation you can’t understand…or anything else that really matters to you.

One connects with a plant spirit and receives information.
Here’s how I go about it:
I usually observe which plant comes to me – it springs to mind or I see it very prominently in the garden or during a nature walk. Intuition will tell me quite clearly when I’m face to face with a plant (spirit) that wants to communicate me. I might hang out with the plant in terms of observing it with an open mind, perhaps tasting it if invited to do so, and give it a gift in return: a song or something handmade is often recommended, I like arranging its surroundings a little bit as to make it more comfortable and/or offering water. We’re getting to know each other, building a relationship.

In traditional shamanism one then journeys to the spirit world with a clear, predetermined intention, using the beat of the shaman drum to get into the trance (or: the right state of mind for journeying). But you can find your own favored way. I find the path of meditation work very well for me – from the focus of meditation I slip into visualisation and clear-knowing.
In the spirit world I then meet with the spirit of the plant. Or, sometimes I’m communicating with the spirit of a plant in my daily consciousness, telepathically. No drumming/meditation and journeying involved, just silently having a conversation in the here and now. As long as it’s genuine and authentic, and works.

The advice from the plant spirits is very powerful. Sometimes they speak in symbols or metaphors, but the recipient of the message can decipher the message, since it is Personal Advice. With health issues there usually is an underlying cause that causes disharmony, imbalance and/or blockages. Getting clear about the root of the problem gives you grip on the situation, and understanding the cause almost automatically sheds light on the solution and brings on the healing, at its own speed.

After such a session gratitude often overflows and a lasting friendship has begun!

Why I think it works

Well, because it is my experience that the advice I get is accurate, often surprising, and very effective. And because I believe that plants are directly connected with the Source or Spirit (or Force ;) ) and haven’t got the hindrance of a thinking mind that has been programmed to think x-y-z, like we have. And because my experience is that collaboration with plant spirits and animal helpers is very satisfying – it’s fun, adventurous and…real. No tricks or false appearances involved (so far), the very pitfalls of our human modern day society. You’re not ingesting some synthetic chemical cocktail as you would with common medicine*, but you are working with spirit, hence no side effects, except joy and clarity. It is available for every one, if you’re interested in tuning in.

* I do believe that common medicine has its place in assisting our body when and where necessary.


Plant Spirit Healing







  1. Dear Nina,
    I read with pleasure your story and I felt inspired by it. Still I have question.
    Even if you love trees and they are your friends, sometimes it happens that one of them grows in the wrong place and you should kill it because you really do not have a place where to transfer it. How can you face this? How can you explain it to the plants? As you have such a profound relationship with the plants but you are a gardener too, have you ever experienced a similar situation?
    Best regards,

  2. Dear Cecilia,
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    I haven’t had to cut down any trees, but I am repeatedly clearing brambles…and they are just as alive and sentient. Initially I was “at war” with them…and that was far from fun. Then I had the luminous insight to get in dialogue with them and things changed considerably: a mutual sense of understanding came about (you can read more about it here). You could just walk up to your tree and explain the situation – aloud or telepathically. Don’t forget to listen to what the tree has to say to you! It would be appropriate to plant a tree of the same species somewhere else, and to tell about it to the tree that needs to be removed. Also, offer the tree spirit a chance to move: hold a branch, twig, a stone, a crystal or something similar to the tree as you are explaining what is going on and give the spirit some time to move. Then carry this “vehicle” to a tree or bush that feels vacant to you and hold the vehicle against the new, vacant tree. Try it out, see what happens. Happy discovering!
    Green greetings,

  3. Dear Nina,

    Thank you very much for your kind reply! I really appreciate it!

    Yes, I have read your article about the bramble. I really liked it and it helped me. You have to know that the tree I am bothered about is the ivy that my father planted on his house. Few years ago I thought to have received a comunication from the ivy. She wanted to grow on the roof of the house because she wanted to hold it. A sort of protection. I thought to have had allucinations and I forgot about it. I remembered about the ivy’s answer while reading your article about the brambles.
    I will try your advice. I will try to move her spirit. Only I don’t want to plant another ivy anywhere. My father’s home is uninhabitated and my own garden is already “invaded” by the neighbour’s ivy. I wish that my neighbour’s ivy does not grow faster than what is doing now, therefore I doubt about adding another ivy spirit too her….
    I have a question: what do you mean esactly with a “vacant” tree?
    Can I move the ivy spirit to another type of plant without hurting this last one?

    Thank you again.
    Green greetings to you to,

  4. Dear Cecilia,
    What I mean by a “vacant” tree, is that not every individual plant of a species has its own spirit. Usually plants grow together as a species. There is then at least one Grandmother plant, which has the plant Spirit of that species in it. It can also be that the half of the individual plants have a spirit of that species within them. On a powerful natural site, (almost) all individual plants have spirits. You see? Strong, powerful, very healthy-looking plants are the ones to go to and to communicate with their spirit.
    Now, my advice to you is to go and have a chat with the spirit of your ivy. Explain what is going on – you need to remove the ivy it’s living in because of…(fill in your reason). Also express your gratitude for the ivy of being there until now, and suggest you’ll go looking for a new home (of the same species) for the spirit. Listen to the ivy as well…
    Then go for a walk, in search of a new ivy for the spirit. Not a big, strong one (they’ll already have a spirit within), but a medium to small one, a “wall flower”, one that could be lush and great, but isn’t…yet. Check with your intuition if it’s vacant – no spirit living within it yet. Then go back to your ivy, and transfer the spirit to the new ivy the way I described previously.
    Good luck!

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