Patience and Trust


In my visions I see these two, Patience and Trust, as continually transforming animals. Sometimes they appear to me as wise, calm horses. Sometimes they become dragons, spitting fire and smoke. And sometimes they become furry, wild animals that trust me enough to settle into my lap for a cuddle.

All of this is, of course, a reflection of my own current attitude to the essence of Patience and the essence of Trust. Let’s take a closer look.

Patience in Swedish is tålamod. You could take it apart as my friend Sita says: tåla-med-mod, to endure with courage. Which brings us back to Trust.

Trusting is easy when there’s nothing very big and important at stake. But as soon as I’m afraid of losing something that I’m very attached to, Trust becomes a raging, fire-spitting Dragon: Fear.

So what do I do with Fear? A useful first step is to acknowledge it is there. Not pushing it away, polishing over it with “oh yes I’m fine” and burning some incense, but getting on my (invisible?) Warrior gear and looking Fear eye-to-eye. Very deep. So deep, that I come to the tender, hurting core of it and see what really Is The Matter. And then I acknowledge that. No more, no less.

The next step is the most important one: I can only combat fear with Love. Where do I find Love? It is the essence of the Heart.

So I sit down in a peaceful place, close my eyes and shift my attention to my Heart. There I find, what appears to me a golden glow. It is warm and alive, and I can expand it with my breath. And that is what I do. I breathe into the warm golden glow that lives in my Heart, expanding it with every deep, peaceful breath, until it is much larger than my body. And I feel… unity. Calm. Trust.

In Love lies the essence of Trust.

When I am Love, my whole being relaxes and radiates beautiful, harmonious vibes.  I can see again the wonder in the tiniest detail, and the dissonance of non-awareness of some of the actions of our world.

If I hold on to Fear I only see limiting things: loss, pain, danger. When I look at what brought me fear while I am consciously being Love, I can understand and let go of that what gave me fear, and look at the world with the Love in my Heart – nothing has changed in the world, but my perception changes, through understanding, everything. I can see the naked Truth.

From this perception of unity and calm trust, I can make decisions that are wiser than those dreamed up by my Mind. From here, I can successfully communicate with all living beings. From here, I can truly connect – with my Self and the totality of the web of Life.

Wishing you expansion and visionary first stirrings of Spring!

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