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You can feel it is here. Things are going to Change.
And now: tension sets in, insecurity, perhaps… even fear. “How am I going to be in control of something I don’t know what it will be like?”
The short answer is: I’m not. The just a little bit longer answer is: I never was.

Sometimes we stay in boring life situations just in order to avoid change.
Not growing, things are always the same, but it’s kind of “safe”.
The tell-tale signs: feeling stuck, frustrated, numb, bored, slightly depressed.

Or, Life itself changes “my” life. Something happens that brings the Life back into my life.
I might fall in love. Become a parent. Loose someone very dear to me. Or I travel/ read/ hear a lecture and it changes my life.
Boom! My life is changed.

But how do I survive change?
A useful first aid trick is to look backwards: I see where I came from, what I’ve gone through until now. And what it has brought me – enrichment.
A life with more flavour, divine dimensions, meaning.

We are here, on Earth, all of us, in order to experience and to contribute. Together.
As long as we stay in the shadows, keeping ourself small(ish), not making waves…we’re not contributing. Experiencing, perhaps yes, but not to the extent we could.

Please do yourself a favor and step out from the corner, join in the dance. Change your…energy field for a size larger. Comfortably grow into it. Add colour and style – your style.
We’re here to enjoy, to create, to love.

If you could change your life with a magic wand, right now, what would you choose?
Visualise it, write it down, make a picture of it, a moodboard or a song…and then set your course: to a bigger Life.

Life is a journey, fluid, ever-changing. It is meant to be challenging, exciting, rich in experiences – and fun.
Choose change. What does your Life look like?





  1. So true and well said.
    The meditating (Yes! thanks to your inspiration I started experiencing that) has got me into even more changes, in a slow, loving pace. <3

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