Lost in the desert of (lack of) motivation


I chose this path, full of optimism and determination. “Yes, this is what I was born to do.” And I began, there and then, in the middle. The middle became the beginning, whilst the actual beginning lies decades behind us, lost in the dreamy landscape of childhood memories.

Then life threw a curveball at me, a big one. It needed a lot of immediate attention, and I fell behind with my working schedule.

Upon returning to work, I met a mountain of things I should have done already, and a desert of motivation (that is, lack of motivation).

Sounds familiar? I’ve been here before. I’ll share with you (if you promise not to tell anyone) that there have been times when, in this situation, I locked the workshop door for a while and went partying until I had saturated myself with distraction, and work felt fresh and exciting again.

Having saturated my party animal needs in the past, this is no longer an option for me.
I was contemplating an inner dialogue whilst taking a shower (my best ideas emerge under hot, running water):

– “You know, you should quit. No one wants what you’ve got to offer anyway. Just become the hermit you already are and talk only with plants for the rest of your life, they never question you or criticize you ’cause they know you and like you just as you are.”

Pretty tempting, huh? And then the other side (since a dialogue requires two voices):

– “Let’s try something else. Patience. Remember? Perseverance. Sticking to what is right, just and only because it’s right and because quitting would be wrong.”

The first voice was stupefied and ceased to exist just out of sheer amazement.

Maybe it’s a matter of age and experience, or perhaps it’s a matter of universal ascension and awareness, but once I heard the second voice, or the answer to the teasing temptation, I understood one huge fault in our modern day society. With the ease and luxury of instant gratification – for food we have supermarkets vs. growing our own, for information we’ve got internet vs. having to do some effort to find it, for friendships… you see? The Old School Way requires patience and perseverance in order to get some results. Whilst the modern day society is – thankfully! – so well organised that Life is easy.

The modern day challenge might be that we actually are required to make and effort. Making an effort, not just on the wings of inspiration or with the energy of todays’ determination, but long term – in order to get the results we’re expecting (a very small voice is adding: “and perhaps more”).

So… whether it’s writing a book, losing weight, quitting smoking or working on your business – keep at it, every day, and the results will eventually emerge, probably without a fanfare and you’ll be so busy minding your own business that you’ll notice a long time after the turning point – “oh gosh, I’ve arrived!”. Just do it. And don’t stop. Even when you’ve arrived.




  1. Yeah! Somehow that sounds so familiar ;) – I’ve been there too…
    Thanks for sharing this – when those thoughts come and haunt me again, I know where to turn to! <3

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