New name


Life has its transition moments. Life is flow, movement and change.
Thresholds, milestones, life events mark the passing of events in the great landscape of our lives.

Upon passing through such a gate, I re-evaluate.
What do I want to take with me, what do I leave?
What needs to change in order to accommodate Life as it is presenting itself now?

With gratitude I look at the name Nina’s Nature, weigh it within me and let it go.
It’s vibe and personality belong to the natural fragrances I was making.

This work needs a name of its own.
From now on you can find me under the name Simperi.

Simperi is the name of an adventurer, an explorer of lifes’ treasures and pioneer of new paths.
Simperi is your ally, companion and mentor on your quest for deeper truths.
Simperi connects you with Nature – with your own wild nature and the nature outside.

Let’s explore!


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