A shamanic healing session

Some time ago I got the request to heal an emotional pattern that was weighing down someone’s life –  later I found out it was actually affecting  a whole family line.

This was the briefing: “He has something heavy, negative around him. I wanted to know what it is and then I had a dream. In the dream his grandfather was fighting in the war – first he was on one side, but then he changed sides, and now he was fighting against his friends.
In the dream I saw him killing his childhood friend with a sable. This friend had no family of his own, nothing, and now his friend was killing him with a sable. I could feel his deep sadness. With his last breath, he cursed his friend (the grandfather of my friend) and the generations to come.”

I was very lucky to get this background story to navigate by. The drumming began and I set on my journey.

My friend the Bear is waiting for me, I climb on his back and he takes us to the grave of this man. The scenery is in gray tones, watery and sad.
The Bear smears honey over the grave, a thick, translucent, golden layer. The honey is a life-giver and awakes the man from his grave. I nurture him, he is very small and cold, I hold him like a baby, I give him warmth and he grows (to the size of a grown-up man).

I explain the situation to him: he is stuck here on Earth because his curse also binds him to the same emotion as he died in. And I explain the impact of his curse over the generations. I suggest we go back in time and relive the moment, but this time, instead of cursing, we make another ending to the story – we bless the friend.
He agrees but he is afraid. It was such a terrifying moment. We promise to support him. So we stand in a line, behind each other – he facing his “friend” who is giving the deadly blow with the sable, I’m behind him, my hand on his shoulder, taking on a part of the emotional impact, and the Bear stands behind me, also taking on a part. And he can bring out his blessing in this terrible moment: “Even though you do this, I bless you!” he cries out and he dies.

Together with the Bear I carry him back to his grave, we bury him and make a flower mandala on the grave. Then we plant an elder tree at the head-end of the grave. We sit and watch time go by – as in a fast forward film the flower mandala decomposes, wild flowers grow on the grave, now no one can see it anymore – only the elder tree is still there to mark it. We turn to the left to look into the future and see the blessing washing over the curse in waves of time, eventually reaching my clients’ grandchild, who is now a baby.

When I come back from the journey, I tell her what I had witnessed.
Her voice has changed as well – the heavy, sad sighing voice now has a sweet melody to it.

– shamanic journeying notes, November 2015

You can read more about energy healing here.

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