Summer is here!

Where spring was for tending to seedlings, summer is marked by many hours in the garden. But first…

I made this medicine pouch for myself in the autumn. It is the portal-opener of (hopefully) a series of medicine pouches to come. With raw silk and thin organic cotton, it is soft, lightweight and very inviting to touch.

owlmedicine2 owlmedicine

And this one was a gift to a very good friend. My medicine bag is open at the top, hers has a cover flap with the embroidery.

workinprogress peacockmedicine

To make the second medicine bag I dyed some white raw silk with onion peels. I’ve done plant dyeing before (a very long time ago) and am now inspired to explore it further.

Plants – plant healing, gardening, local food, plant dyeing, swapping seeds and plants. I’m in an exciting part of my adventure at the moment!


This is one of my most treasured seedlings at the moment, from seeds that I saved from my trip to Southern Spain in the Easter: the Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica). It is still safely inside,since it’s still relatively small and I’m not sure what the slugs of my garden would do with this it… It also has a friend, a smaller seedling that is growing in a loop (!). If it survives its erratic beginning, I will certainly share a pic.

This season my seed-sowing passion got slightly out of hand…and I’m now dealing with the results = LOTS of treasured little plants! So with no further ado, if you’ll excuse me, I’m returning to the garden. You too, right?!




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