talismans by Simperi

Talismans – or amulets – are small objects I make for a person who has received a shamanistic healing*, or I make them for my spirit allies in nature to thank them.

I often didn’t photograph talismans as I thought they were of such a personal nature that it was inappropriate to show them in public. But then almost no-one sees them and I don’t have a visual record of what I’ve been up to! So I’ll try to improve and get into the habit of snapping more photos.

The talismans will find their way to little cracks, holes and cavities in nature, to the places I associate with the different nature spirits. Each talisman is made with a specific ally in mind.

* I make a personal talisman for a client if and when it is needed to anchor a healing. The talisman becomes a symbol of the healing that has taken place, and the person carries the talisman as long as it is needed for the healing to settle, integrate and become a part of the persons’ new reality.

I use a variety of materials to work with. Feathers, stones, shells, natural fibers (nettle and flax being favourites!), leather, parchment, semi-precious stones, copper, silver, buttons, lace, paper, beads… I am surrounded by my treasures and fabricate these small bundles of joy :) Life is good.








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