a healing session in July

I start with meditation and move into the Healing Space, protecting myself and my client.

First I want to scan for shadow-beings and remove those. I find a small one in her head, it is tiny, but it’s “capping” the pineal gland, muting the clarity of the pineal gland that it should have. Removing the little shadow being and sending it to the Universal center (to be recycled to more useful stuff) opens the energy channels of my client to flow freely and her energy body gets much brighter and larger.

Moving further I find scaly, dry, dark stuff at the base of her neck and around the shoulders. It looks like dark dirty dry scales of fish skin and as I’m rubbing it off I get the information that what I see is old debris from responsibilities that she ‘had to carry’ while it wasn’t hers to carry…A load put on her shoulders left these marks. I scrub it away and when clean, I let light pink light shine on the area. The light also streams up her neck and into the point of the pineal gland where the tiny shadow being had been. These areas get bathed in pink light.

Moving further I see a tightness at the throat. The colour is greenish, while it could be more blue to make a beautiful turquoise. This to me indicates that more freedom and space could be used in her voice.

Her hand palms are a little bit ‘dirty’ from touching the bodies of others to ease pain and tension. I wash them with light and make a mental note to remind her to protect herself before giving sessions to others.

Then my focus goes further and comes at the womb. I don’t even have to search: a shadow-being, the size of a big baby dwells there and I take it out from the side of her belly. A quick question if it would like to transform to a light-being gets a bitter snarling answer from it and so I send it to the center of the Universe in a packet of Light. It has left three small eggs that resemble ant eggs in form but are black and larger. I remove those and send them away, scan if all is clean now and the answer is yes. The over-all condition of the womb is now very healthy, cozy and welcoming. It has a warm pink colour and a Love-vibration, very inviting! A baby would feel at home here :)

Going further I notice something small and ‘gritty’ at her left knee, around the left-lower corner of the kneecap. I remove the grits and it’s now clean.

The legs and feet give a healthy, grounded feeling.

I pose the question if there’s anything else I should do and her Soul emerges (visually amazing: her energy body is lying down, and from the middle axis in longitude comes the Soul like a nymph from the trunk of a tree, from a natural split that emerges in the body) and addresses the wish to move to south-Europe. I check if Soul, Mind and Heart are in synch on this, and see that the Soul and Mind are fine with it, but the Heart is afraid.

I wonder what to do about it and the answer “Plant Spirit Medicine” comes up. I’m feeling around for a plant candidate and Hawthorn comes up front. It’s such an obvious ally for the Heart that I’m hesitating a little bit and ask for a second opinion from my helpers. They bring to my attention to a special healing spot I know,  it is the home of Walnut and Hawthorn, and I get the message they want to give the Heart strong roots – strength and grounding.

I watch as the Heart is lifted from her chest and laid on a stone altar in the healing spot, and Walnut and Hawthorn start to work their healing on it.

I realize this is a very vulnerable situation and hold (protect) the spaces, a strong protection around our energy bodies and an eye on what is going on with the Heart.

It takes a while but then I get the message it’s ready. I look at the Heart and it’s much bigger now and deep red. I laugh a bit “you’ve got yourself a Wild Heart!” I think as we place it back to where it belongs and heal the “wound” with Light.

I thank the Walnut, the Hawthorn, my spirit helpers, bathe my client in intense golden light and close the meditation.

Thank you.

You can read more about energy healing here.


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