Intuition. Gut feeling. Hunch.

But how do you know? How do you know if what you “know” is real or not? And how do you get better at intuition?

Let’s start at the beginning. We’re all born with an inner compass, our intuition. It tells us what is safe and real, and what’s not. Of course our mind is curious, we want to learn, and we do all kind of exciting stupid stuff in order to learn about limits – like putting your finger in a flame (“I wonder what it’ll be like…ouch!”). Learning is good, but intuition is…golden.

Let me come with an example.
One day this summer we had planned to go to the grocery store in the morning. In France outside the cities all public life is having déjeuner, lunch from 12.00 to 14.00 or 14.30, so if you want to get your groceries done, you plan to do it in the morning or after 14 o’clock. “Nnnaaah… I don’t know… I don’t feel we should go now. I feel it’s better to go this afternoon.”
Less than an hour later, a fierce thunderstorm was above the village, lightning struck and our electricity meter caught fire – inside the house. If I had stuck with the plan in my head, obeying the mind, our house would have burnt down. Thanks to honouring intuition and going with the flow we were there to extinguish the fire.

Another, less dramatic example. We were visiting a tiny village not very far from our house, with a public “wash-house” – an open space with a roof, connected to a natural well. In the days before washing machines ( I’m glad to live in this time!) the washing was done here, along with the gossip, I suppose. The water is very drinkable and I enjoyed a cool handful of this refreshing treat, admiring the flowers and listening to the sound of running water.
Suddenly I felt a tickle of…something, pulling at my attention. I followed the direction and arrived at the side of the washing house, with a peaceful pond, laying lower and much less prominent than the well itself. I could sense the Deva of this pond, a water nymph, greeting me and smiling at me, and suddenly I saw how beautiful this space was. It is almost hidden, but very, very…powerful, special, sacred. I was happy to meet with her and will certainly return.

You know when you meet someone new and you get a feeling they’re not trustworthy, and you listen to their sweet talk and you believe them and later…your intuition tells you “I told you so”. Well, it’s about time you, me, we all start taking our intuition seriously! It’s a tricky world we’re living in at the moment, and even though more and more people are waking up, the shadow side is doing all it can to trick itself into power again. The only trustworthy source in these times is your intuition.

So how do you train intuition? Here’s a fun game to play with your kid or a good friend: Play a game of guessing, for instance, one of you will think of a colour – begin with three primary colours, red, yellow and blue. The one thinking of the colour can close their eyes and really intensely see, think and be that colour. The other one does the guessing and then you switch roles.

You can do this with anything: birthday wishes, favourite vacation locations, what you’re hungry for right now etc.

Next time I’ll write about intuition vs. thought. See you then!


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  1. I believe we are being guided in big and small ways. I now use my intuition daily. I make my to do lists based on what feels right but then I’m open to what the day has in store for me. I try to sense into the energy. I dream my entire life before it happens. This has only been going on for the last few decades. It seems to be happening more. Mostly, I feel you have to enjoy that you are being guided instead of being afraid of it. We all want direction. Then we get it and we are afraid of it. My blog is about intuition. No pressure.

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