Intuition, part 3


I’ve always been jealous of people who knew from their very early life “what they want to be when they grow up”. It must be wonderfully clear and simple to steer with all your focus towards that goal.

The Path of Life…surely intuition should be giving us a map and a compass, road signs and a Lonely Planet Guide to assist us in our adventure? Oh, but it does! Only…sometimes it’s a puzzle.

Looking back at your life you could make a list of things that map your journey from (very) early on, like:

  • Your favorite book(s)?
  • Your list of occupations you thought might fit? (the younger your age at the moment of dreaming, the more accurate is your guess)
  • Your favorite movie(s)?
  • Your hobbies – public and/or secret…(bonus points for secret hobbies)
  • Your Grand Dream from 9 to 18 years old.

My list is: Lord of the Rings, veterinarian/illustrator/explorer, Indiana Jones, music&dancing (and witchcraft), moving abroad.

This could translate to: multi-dimensional inter-species Magic World, healing, adventure (I was smitten with Indiana), expression and herbal, holistic healing, There-is-more-to-this-life-than-you-see-now.

Looking back in Life, there have been many crossroads. Which study should I choose? In which land and city? Should I make that move?

Usually Life has a wonderful way of casting the future at our feet. We “only” have to have the courage to step into it. It’s the waiting time, sitting on the fence and not knowing what to do that frustrates and keeps us stuck.

What is stopping the flow? Why aren’t things moving?
I’ll tell you why: the blind spot-creator for intuition is fear. The stopper of any kind of flow is fear. The only thing keeping you away from having a blast at life is – fear.

Know your fear, befriend it. Really, it’s not an enemy or a monster, but an invitation.
Fear is the new thing you haven’t done yet, the step beyond your comfort zone. Fear is an invitation for adventure, to grow stronger, to become even more you.

Identify your fear, brew up a plan (and talk about it with a good friend), take a deep breath and go for it!
Feed your fear to the wolves of your curiosity. Your future you will thank you for being so brave.

Road signs: As a visionary, I have no shortage of daydreams, but another handicap: I know where I’m now and I know where I want to go, but it seems as if there’s a great void in between “here” and “there” and I don’t know how to build that bridge. “Oh, but you do!” You always know a next step. Take it. And then the next.

Build a bridge one step at a time.

Direction: When lost, sit still with your eyes closed and an empty mind and listen to your Heart. Listen to it’s silent language of hunches, energy and light.

Talk with people. Listen to their wisdom.

Take your time, be gentle with yourself. Enjoy the journey.





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