Recipe: Nourish&Heal oil

Nourish and Heal face oil recipe

The idea to publish the recipes for my face oil and deodorant have been circling in my mind for some time already, and now that the ever-inspiring Milla from The Woman Who Married a Bear shared her deeply mindful train-of-thought about personal skin care (and asked about ours) on Instagram, it’s time for action – here it is, the Nourish & Heal face oil, in all her glory!

background story:

I had always had a ‘combination skin’, meaning that parts of my face would be oily (nose, cheeks, chin) whilst other parts, especially the skin right above my eyes and eyebrows, would be dry to the point of red and itchy. I used the regular moisturizers from skin care labels within the reach of my student/start-up budget.

Every break-through begins with a crisis (not sure if that’s 100% true but it sounds great and applied to my situation), here’s mine: I was pregnant, and then had a big, healthy baby, and suddenly my skin wouldn’t take the ‘regular’ stuff anymore. Moisturizers and cleansers all burned on my skin and all I could use was water, soap and olive oil.

I had been a huge fan of Kenzo’s ‘Jungle’ perfume (the ‘Elephant’ variation, though ‘Tiger’ would have matched my horoscope better) but suddenly perfume was giving me splitting headaches, so regular fragrances became a no-go area as well.

My curiosity led me to reading all around the internet and I started experimenting at home. I found jojoba oil a wonderfully soothing moisturizer for my facial skin, and mixed in a few drops of essential oil. Lo and behold, this was the birth of Nina’s Nature (along with a dream, you can read it here, otherwise the intro really gets too long)!

So let’s get to the recipe, shall we?

This will make 50ml face oil, enough to last for months when you apply a little every evening. After tapping it lightly on my face I pat my hands ‘dry’ at the ends of my hair = it doubles as hair serum! I use a 50ml glass bottle with a dropper to contain this natural wonder remedy.

Measure, mix (=shake), use and enjoy. And then make some for your friends!

25ml jojoba oil
15ml argan oil
9ml almond oil
4 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops frankinsence essential oil
1 drop rose (attar) essential oil
6 drops geranium essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil

The oils are healing and deeply nourishing. The essential oils are all chosen for their skin repairing qualities.

Go for high quality materials – your skin (and nose) will thank you.

The face oil as above has a light scent to it, but you can of course experiment with your own mixes of essential oils, bearing in mind that some essential oils can be very potent/strong (‘burning’) on the tender facial skin. Test first on a small area of tender skin, like on the inside of your wrist.

I’m sharing this recipe for personal use only. Adapting it for commercial use will cause you instant bad karma, you’ve been warned.









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