Holding space, being still

Eight years ago I envisioned this – it’s an embroidered wrapper for a book of visualisation. The deep etched dream of a healing garden has sprouted, and is now growing into reality.


I don’t particularly like late autumn or winter. To be quite honest, I’d prefer to hibernate as soon as the first frost has gone over the land, only to awaken with new growth in spring time. (There are more aspects of a bear in me.)

These mornings, when skies are dark and gray and the trees are raining leaves, I get up with a slight sigh and mumble to myself “all right, here we go again…”. But I’m not just stumbling through my days. These days, I’m listening deeply. I’m holding space for the Universe, with all senses on Nature, inner nature and the nature outside, as I go about my everyday Life. And Life responds.

What does it say? A few, recent examples:

A master healer, whose talent and wisdom I deeply respect, watched at me practicing in class, and after a while, said: “You’ve got good hands”. Thank you, I know, and I’ll carry your words in my Heart.

An appointment to meet with friends got cancelled and I had time to listen to an audio course. Grinning from ear to ear, I marveled at the lesson – the content but even, the voice; with the tiniest amount of imagination I found myself in what I thought might have been a lesson of Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts (school of magic in Harry Potter) again. For you see, quantum logic and magic are one and the same.

In meditation I felt the supportive hands of my ancestors on my shoulders, and later in the day got the urge to go for a walk in the woods. Leaning my back on a magnificent tree, I rested, first with eyes closed, then looking around. Next to my feet, a very young sapling of the common dogwood smiled at me, beaming with joy (how can a plant smile, it hasn’t got a mouth? It’s energy, my dear, energy). And it dawned to me – at last! – this is the plant I should work with in my living structure-project I’ve been thinking about!
I explained my plan to the sapling (it already knew) and carefully I pulled it up and carried it home. Now it’s happily sitting in a pot, waiting for the journey and re-planting.

I intentionally try to organize my life so that it is not busy. So that I have time – for holding space, being still – for deep listening. Life is full of support, when you’re open to it. Tune in to flow, synchronicity and co-creation!









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