Wintersleep, and the scent of it


My focus seems to follow the Sun. After the autumn equinox my attention turns increasingly inwards and by the end of October I feel like withdrawing into my nest, for some deep reflection and rest.

As the leaves fall, my thoughts touch the deeper layers of Life:

  • gratitude for the lovely connections and things learned and realized this season
  • the deeper meaning of Life – yes, I’ve found it and search no more, for it is joy! …and love
  • the interconnectedness of Life and the cyclical nature of the flow of life. I’m revisiting patterns of life, dreams and hopes, at a new level, and almost planning for the future.

This is the time for digesting the old, giving it all a place. I’m observing, thinking and feeling through, sorting, filtering, integrating. Further input is not needed, it would disturb the process.

Somewhere in the darkness of this season, all that processing and integrating sparks new life. That which has been experienced, seems to go through some magical alchemical process, and in doing so it creates new questions, new desires, new seeds…and the gestation of a new future begins.

I’m not ready to get specific about those future plans quite yet. But I will share this with you: at this time of (relative) solitude and stillness I’m enjoying herbal teas, stews enriched with hot spices, red wine, a cat on my lap and a fragrant blend to suit.

Fragrant blend?! Tell me more!

I composed  a blend of high quality essential oils to support this alchemical wintersleep. Mainly meant to be vaporised in an essential oil burner, but if you want to mix it with a good quality base oil (think jojoba oil, almond oil, unheated sesameoil) and use for massage, body oil or your self made perfume, you could.

This composition is for calming the spirit, soul and mind. For deep thinking, sorting out, filtering things through your being and winning gold from your experiences.

You can read more about it here.




  1. Dear Nina. Would it be a good idea to bring a sample of this special autumnal scent you made to enjoy on our third massage instruction gathering, coming monday in Bussum? Untill then! Gr.ernst

  2. Thank you!! Even my husband, who is quite used to me composing with fragrances, is over the moon with this one. He demanded it as a perfume for himself, and I didn’t say no ;)

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