Natural body care – Safe & Dry deodorant

Safe&Dry deodorant

Your body is a wonderful vessel for your soul to travel in during this lifetime, with it’s fine-tuned biological functions – and we don’t want to bring it into imbalance with synthetic chemicals, do we? (“Nooooo!”)

So, in order to stay fresh and lovely the whole day I turn to my natural helpers, mixed together and contained in a tin, with the descriptive titel on top: deodorant.

I use this deodorant since the day I created the recipe – almost 5 years now. And I’m still very happy with it! Which doesn’t mean you can’t improve on the recipe! If you do, please share your invention with the rest of us in the comments below.

This is a deodorant creme, you bring it in your arm pit with the tip of your finger. It has the scent of rosemary and sweet orange.

This recipe is a bit complicated, but well worth the trouble. The batch will make 4x 30ml and a bit more… I usually scoop the “and a bit more”  into smaller tin(s) for a travel-size deodorant and as a tester for the particular batch.

Make it, use it, gift it (make a set, with Nourish&Heal face oil!) – but don’t steal it! This recipe is meant for personal use only. Adapting it for commercial use will cause you instant bad karma, you’ve been warned.


Safe&Dry deodorant

4 tablespoons sheabutter

1 and 1/3 tbsp beeswax

6 tbsp jojoba oil

1 tbsp corn starch

8 teaspoons baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

10 tbsp natural white clay

4ml (or 36 drops) of fresh lemon juice

4 tbsp strong sage infusion (“tea”)

16 drops essential oil of teatree

12 drops essential oil of lavender

32 drops essential oil of sweet orange

8 drops essential oil of rosemary


1.  Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

2. Mix the essential oils together in a small glass container.

3. Melt the shea butter and beeswax in a smaller bowl, au bain marie. When fluid, add the jojoba oil and let the mixture warm up again, so that everything is fluid and well mixed.

4. Add the lemon juice into the still warm sage infusion, add this mix into the oils mix.

5. Take a deep breath and get organized, i.e. have your ingredients ready, tins opened (on paper kitchen towels) and ready for filling. Things are going to move fast now.

6. Remove your bowl of oils-sage-and-lemon from the heat source, pour the contents slowly and steadily, mixing continually, into the dry ingredients. Get out every last drop. Then mix in the essential oils, mixing thouroughly.

7. Using a table spoon and a teaspoon, scoop the mixture into the tins as fast as possible. The mixture sets as it cools.

8. Let the filled tins cool before cleaning the rims and closing the lids.

Label, be very proud of yourself and use daily.

The tins will keep “forever” – I’ve never had one spoil (I store them in a cupboard), but then again, they get used and gifted away continually.


What do the ingredients do?

Shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize and nourish your skin. Beeswax gives the ‘hardness’ to the cream (together with shea butter) and keeps moisture in your skin.

The corn starch gives body to the deodorant and binds it together. Baking soda and white clay draw out impurities and keep you fresh (so yes, for an ultra-simple version of the deodorant you could mix baking soda and white clay and dust the powder into your armpits!).

The lemon juice softens your skin and acts as an emulsifier in the mixture. The sage infusion diminishes perspiration (and smells nice!). Tea tree essential oil is antibacterial, combating bad odour (fresh sweat smells quite sweet actually, it’s when the bacteria on the skin become active and produce waste that things get smelly). Lavender essential oil is also antibacterial, soothes and tonifies the skin – and smells good! Sweet orange is there for its tonifying action and great fragrance, and rosemary for increased blood-and lymph circulation and the fresh fragrance.














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