The beginning – setting your direction before taking the first step


As you may know I’ve been very still lately.

And in that stillness, things arise. I’ll grab your hand and take you with me:

Where are you now in your life? What are your dreams and hopes for the coming year?

What will you experience, learn, achieve? What will you let go of? How will you grow?

Those are big questions. Their time will come, later.
Let’s start here, now, in the white space of Possibility.

Take a moment to feel your presence in time and space.
Feel your energy, mood, vibe today. How are you feeling today?
Let’s call this our Starting Point, The Beginning.
Anchor yourself in The Beginning.

Now, let’s lift our gaze to the horizon.
With the vast ocean of possible actions and outcomes ahead of you, take a moment to realize that time…although elastic and magical by nature, is also very very precious.

So let’s take some time to focus.

Try to find the one thing that is your core value, your leading thought, leading feeling or leading longing at this time.
This core thing should be so important, that it could be your leading star for this coming year.
Study it from different angles – is it the most important thing? Or is there something bigger? Find it out. Write it down.

My Core Value for this coming year is…

PS. Share your Core Value with me on Facebook! After 5 comments, I’ll share mine ;) See you there!

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