Core Value(s)


In my last post I took you to the place of beginnings – a bright, white empty space, after all the gathering, evaluating and integrating.

And I asked you to find one thing – your core value – that would be your leading star for the near future.

My own core value boiled down to service – let me elaborate.

It is my deepest, strongest and most heart-felt wish that we could create Paradise on Earth again. I’m not religious, but I sincerely long for our planet to become healthy again, with – instead of a money-economy – natural ecology being the leading force. My vision is optimist-proof with abundant forests and fields full of blossoms, fruit and shady patches, fresh, clean water flowing and pooling, providing life everywhere, humans, animals and nature spirits living harmoniously together.

I do enjoy the creative forces of money, the life-helping qualities of infrastructure and technical inventions, but the balance needs to be re-found in order for Life to flourish.

And I could sit here and wait forever for things to change, but unless you and I, the neighbor near and the other one far – all of us, together – take the decision to change our lives, things will evolve, but not necessarily in a direction we like.

So what do I mean by “service”? That I find and use the courage to step up and exclaim: I am here. I can do this. I do this.

And now I’m here, to Serve.
I tune in to nature and co-create: that’s how I garden. I tune in and work in energy realms: that’s how I heal. I tune in and listen to spirits of plants and other nature-beings: that’s how I get my knowledge. And I tune in to Gaia and sense she’s re-birthing herself: that’s how I re-direct my priorities.

I’m naturally curious to know if this “urge to step out” is itching in others as well. I’d like to hear what your core value is. And what it means, how you express it in the various fields of life? And what is your envisioned Hopeful Future Scenario? Let us know, in the comments below or at your preferred social media channel (links at the bottom-right corner of this site).


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