I have been following the brave, selfless, inspiring and peaceful protest of the native people at Standing Rock. The initial protest against the North Dakota pipeline grew into something much bigger. As other indigenous nations joined in the camp, I saw the old hopi prophecy unfolding before my eyes – the Rainbow Tribe was gathering!

I participated in global group meditations and did my activism on social media. I was appalled by the brutality of the police forces, and amazed at the peaceful power and forgiveness of the protesting people.

I was elated at the news that the pipeline would not run through their sacred land – they had won. But it wasn’t until the ‘forgiveness ceremony‘ that my belief in truly a new era for humanity and the Earth burst into blossoming in my Heart.

Asking for forgiveness, in such a painfully precise plea, and getting it – this is very powerful medicine. This was more than a ceremony, it was the beginning of healing the relationships we have with each other here on Earth. It is powerful, emotional and inspiring for all of us to heal our inter-connected relationships between individuals, groups and nations, and between humanity and nature, Gaia, our home planet.

Asking for forgiveness is the first step on a long, meaningful journey. Granting forgiveness equally so. It is time to stand above our little ego’s and unite in spirit, become One – with Life. World Peace! What a powerful response.


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