The bigger picture


Waking up is always a personal story.

I’m lucky that I fell in love with a spiritual man who is now my husband. He has pointed (and still does) my attention to meditation, advaita and our True nature.

My own background involves a lot of connecting with nature and “daydreaming”, what I now understand is shamanic journeying.

Through my garden I woke up to permaculture. Through permaculture I woke up to the natural way of organising resources, society, learning etc. It is all interconnected.

I’m also following ‘alternative news’ – news about the power battles here on Earth, prophecies, and the information channeled through myself and others.

At this moment this all boils down to…

…things being polarised, edgy and tough because we’re in a major shift: our Earth is evolving to a higher plane and we are evolving with it (if we choose to do so).

…the importance to slow down and pay attention. Re-evaluate your priorities, values, lifestyle. This is not just an annual moment to pause but a major turning point in human history.

…community. We are all in this together. Your friends and family, the strangers, the foreigners and the other species (animals, plants etc.). It is time to collaborate again, with not the Head but the Heart in the leading role.

…intelligent use of emotional energy. “Negative” energies like anger and fear can drain you totally if you let them. Instead, harness them to be a catalyst: choose the transformative action, choose love.

In Love,

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