The small steps count


It is the flow of water that forms the river. My daily choices affect my body. The small steps add up, and form reality.

In an increasingly polarized world it is easy to feel powerless, alienated and discouraged. “What can I do?” is the question on many lips these days.

And the answer is right there, in the question. You can choose – every day, every minute – to think, feel and act in a way that reflects your idea of a better world. Since everything is energy, shifting your energy from the passive to the positive and active shifts the energy of our planet, one sparkle at a time (or, nowadays, perhaps hundreds at a time!).

I came to this subject via a side-track. I was thinking about animal communication, and about my practicing of it.
Immediately my mind jumps into complicated scenarios with large, wild animals in sight and me having a connection with them, followed by the slight disappointment when it is not so (right now). Smiling at my personal traits that I know to be somewhat idealistic and impatient, I ask myself the more useful question: what can I do now?

And I turn my attention softly to my diva-ish cat, who has been like a protesting teenager lately, doing everything in her might to attract attention, mostly negative, with her antics. She first doesn’t even notice, perhaps she’s so used to my mind chattering along. But when she does, she melts… her attitude changes from diva to the soft, gentle openness that she truly is.

I walk with the same curiosity about their well-being to my chicken. And instead of running away, startled, they calmly stay put, doing their thing, looking to my eye every now and then, hanging around.

It’s such a small thing, but with a huge impact. Protect yourself, by all means, with true Light energy fields, but then: walk in this world softly. Meet the other beings – trees and stones included – gently. Be curious about the unseen.

Wishing you a magical holiday and change of the year.





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