Distraction (fetching the future into here&now)


To say that I easily get distracted is an understatement.
There are many things that I’m interested in and, although internet is a blessing (a limitless source of information) it is also a curse.

Back on track: distraction. It can also be positive, nourishing and good for you. Why?
Because what distracts you, interests you.
If you can see the coherent pattern of your distractions, you have a key in your hand to unlock something your subconscious has been trying to tell you for some time now.

My distractions were things that would fit under the title: “Homesteading on a small farm” (fermenting, cheese making, hand spinning, natural dyes…I know, so sexy).
I’m hoping, wishing and dreaming that my current distraction will become reality some day…but I was getting slightly frustrated about getting distracted with stuff that might possibly happen in the future, while I needed to focus on things at hand here and now.

With stubborn animals like myself, one needs to proceed creatively. I figured out that certain themes of interest could very well be tried and tested out in the here and now, and got to it.
Now the kitchen is in full swing and my working desk is an overflown mess of crafty stuff and my soul is so happy.

I can finally concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand, and try out my ‘future homesteading skills’ in the evenings and all kinds of pause moments.

I hereby recommend to all distracted procrastinates: fetch your future dreams and past laments into the here and now, do them = get them into your present Life and be happy.


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