Money – part 2


(Read ‘Money – part 1’ here.)

How does one measure success?

Listening to the Business News Radio here, I hear the same mantra over and over again: “revenue growth”, “the economy has to grow”, “we’re out of the financial crisis – see? People are buying stuff again”.

While this all is true from one perspective, there are more possibilities. Because – what has economical growth brought us?
Positive things: a comfortable lifestyle, great infrastructure and helpful inventions.
But also negative things: stress and burn-outs, less time for each other, loneliness, depressions and literally trashing our Planet.

I’m looking for a balance. In order to balance out the current economical madness, I’ll go on and highlight some possibilities from a very different point of view.

What if awareness and attention became the new standards to measure success?

Instead of looking at revenue growth, we’d be looking at how honest, open and sustainable a business is operating.
And instead of aiming for (sales)targets, we’d be checking with individuals how meaningful they find their work and how fulfilled , seen and appreciated they feel. Happiness increases creativity and efficiency, so it’s a win-win.
“The new economy” ;)

But wait, there are more alternative economy models in my head (and no, I didn’t invent them, but I’ve read about them and have been thinking about them).

Bartering, trading. My current vision or conclusion is that if you don’t experience the abundance of money, but want something, you could just as well suggest a trade. Often it’s tricky to match the trade, that’s one of the drawbacks, but on the other hand, when there is a match it’s great fun! In my experience a lot of good will, creativity and care goes into barter-transactions. You often get something unique, plus a warm contact to boot.

Gifting. You know what I’m talking about: you’ve been telling your friend what your latest craze is, and they say after a short thinking pause “you know, I have the best book in the world about it and I’m not doing much with it. I want to give it to you.” or “I’ve got exactly the right tool for doing that, and I’m not using it. You can have it!”.
What is your reaction? Exactly, you get so super happy that you want to give something back.
Even if you can’t think of something you could give them right here and now, you make the mental note to gift your friend and to pay it forward.
I’d say that is very good profitability – happiness, circular economy, social cohesion and doubling the worth of the investment.

So my friends, there are more options than the old money economy… get creative and get gifting!




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