Tiny things matter


In this time of global restlessness and personal insecurities and/or perspective shifts, I’d like to share some words of re-assurance: you’re not alone. You’re not the only one feeling it.

If you’re at all in flow, aligned with the energies of this Planet of ours, you’re going through a major shift, together with Gaia. It’s like she – Gaia, our home planet – is one gigantic living organism, and we, humans, are smaller organisms on Gaia. A bit like the bacteria in our own gut, and we’re somewhat rampant at the moment, causing an inflamed condition to Gaia…

Herbalism strives for balance. We, collectively, need some medicine that will calm us down, bring us into equilibrium with our ecological home. I’d like to prescribe meditation and introspection.

Doubt the old dogmas, question the ways society has been organized in the recent past.

To catalyze this shift, you might play the following alchemical game: testing the elements of society with the scales of your Heart. How do you feel about authority? Hierarchy? School? The way the care for our children and elders is organized at the moment? Food industry? The use of pesticides? Plastic? The condition of our oceans? The burning of rain forests?

I can get raving mad when I notice that utterly insane practices are seen as ‘normal’.
And, like many I guess, I want to do something about it. I want to fix it, right now.

I wanted to start a revolution. Throw over ‘the system’, replace the dysfunctional pieces with organic, loving solutions and sing a high pitched angelic tune while at it.
But I didn’t know where to start and nearly imploded of frustration (as an introvert I can come over as a calm person, but the people close to me know there’s a volcano in me, more or less dormant).

And then I realized the following: Like a seed has the blueprint of a fully grown tree or other plant in it, so do you: trust your inner knowing to take the first step, then the next, then the next, and grow into your fuller Life.

So that’s what I’m doing: re-organizing my life to better match the changed values and view points, one thing at a time. Taking the irritation and (emotional) pain as signs of faulty structures, following Love and happiness (hippie lingo, I know) as the direction givers, like the Sun is for a plant.

My ‘fetching the future into the here and now‘ method seems to be working. The tiniest details amount to a new reality. Where I previously considered that the possibility of nature spirits and ‘talking with animalsmight happen, these long-forgotten realities are now a fact to me. Old insecurities dissolve, inner knowing and trust in my own compass become the new default mode.


PS. If you wondered what those tiniest seedlings are, they’re Campanula rapunculus, a new plant friend to me, hopefully gently swaying in the summer breeze in my garden this coming season.






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