Choices – a 5-step action plan

choices - a 5-step action plan
walk on or sit down? bask in the sun or explore the shadows? curious about what’s around that bend in the path…or is this how far you dared to come this time?

It is election day here in the Netherlands. I’m following the events with a keen eye.

After a rain of words and opinions, an impression lingers. But what strikes me, is that it is the political person him or her self, who alters that impression in a split second – strengthening it in alignment, or wiping it out in its hollowness.

It all boils down to integrity. Are they playing the Big Puppetgame, wearing masks and playing out roles, or really following their inner Truth, going for it, putting themselves out there for a future they’ve envisioned?

This game of vision, integrity and action also plays out in our own lives.
It’s much easier to daydream the ultimate, perfect stance and lifestyle than live it when the going gets rough.
There are expectations – from the society, spouse and parents (in no particular order here), and our wish to meet those expectations in order to fit in, support others and fulfill those decades of support and expectation.
And then there’s our own grand vision, inner Truth, the Soul path nudging at the sleeve, inviting into an adventure to the great unknown.

What to do?

  1. Take your time, don’t rush it. Fear is a bad advisor. Panic is fear. Haste is fear. Wait until the tension/urge relaxes, breathe in it. Ride out the wave. When you’re relaxed you can see, hear and act wisely.
  2. Step out of the tunnel vision. Things on this Planet are never black or white, but an abundant palette of millions of hues, tastes and variations.
  3. Drop the ego, pride, stubbornness. You know what counts? Contribution, interconnections, love.
  4. Listen to your gut and to your heart. Pay careful attention to the limits they give – for they know.
  5. Be courageous. When you think the direction you’re headed at is right, go for it. With an open mind, vision and heart.

Bon voyage!

Interested in a guided journey on your Soul path? Take a look at the Soul path online program, coming out later this spring!

choices - 5 step action plan





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