Spring equinox, Ostara – and the balancing of two

The equinoxes – spring and autumn – mark the two days in a year when night and day are equally long. For a moment there is balance and then in spring-time the Light, growth and life take over and it all becomes one ecstatic outburst of life energy again.

Ostara is the pagan/wicca name for this festive day, when the Sun overcomes the cold winter and blesses the Earth with flowers and life. It is a feast of fertility, sowing seeds, and new beginnings.

Within this day also lays a deep philosophical-spiritual seed. For one day, the duality of light and dark is in balance. When I think about light and dark, the taoist symbol of yin and yang springs into mind, with its white droplet and black droplet swirling around each other, both containing a point of the other within them.

Yin stands for dark (shadow, night), feminine, mysterious, passive, soft, flexible and horizontal – yang for light, masculine, logical, active, hard, rigid and vertical.
These dualistic qualities catch my attention because they are manifesting everywhere, as aspects of Spirit, or One.

You can play this observing-game with what you find around you. Shall I show you how?
I’m in a female body but my soul is somewhat masculine…analytic, yet intuitive. I love the Sun, but will not shy away from looking into the shadows.
There’s a tension between a culturally learned passive, bending, waiting quality in me, and my own natural tendency to instantly jump on things that grab my attention.

You can go on and contemplate on yin and yang in you, your life and your surroundings for days on end. Please do! It’s more constructive than watching TV :)
But. That is not the point. The point is to see that the yin-yang is a full circle. It is complete, containing the two, both containing each other.

If you see and appreciate that everything in Life is an expression of life, something you’ve attracted into your field of experience in order to learn – and if you allow it to flow through your being as such, as an experience you learn from (…I’m going to follow my natural tendency and jump into conclusions here ) then, if you’re not fighting against that what life brings you, nor trying to grab it and pin it down – in that case Life will be rich, natural, meaningful, easier and in flow.

Just in case you think I’m advocating passive surrender to painful things, here’s a little sneak-peek: next weeks’ blog will be about the alchemy of duality.

Happy new beginnings!



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