The alchemy of duality

(Part two of …balancing of two)

We often experience Life through the lens of duality. We either like or dislike things. We find something attractive or not. Tasty or unappetizing. Simple, daily stuff.

But then; we want to hold on or change something, like, now. We love passionately, yet are attracted to our freedom. We’re attached to a certain image of ourselves, and get hurt when others challenge it. Pleasure/pain, joy/sorrow, excitement/bleak boredom. Duality 2.0 .

You can use the dis-ease to identify that what is troubling you (before it energetically works on your body and becomes a disease).

A universal fact is that everything changes. Life flows like water in the river of our lives, and trying to freeze a beautiful moment because we want to hold on to it is as foolish as it is frustrating.
If you can find the calm and peace to just observe that what is, you can begin to see the (apparent) reality for what it is, without mental judgement or upsetting emotion. In fact, all that matters is here, in the present moment.

From this calm place of just being and observing you might choose to start exploring your restlessness again. What caused you discomfort? When? And most importantly, why?

Universal fact number two: you can’t change anything else but yourself (without being violent). Let’s pretend I’m out in the forest and sit down without first checking where I’m sitting, and land my butt on an ant colony. Uncomfortable. Now if I’d be shouting at the Universe that someone had better move that ant colony since I’m in discomfort…? So again, observing and acting accordingly are the way to go.

But sometimes everything is just too much and we feel pain and discomfort and are too tired and/or emotional to act (wisely).

Here’s a little clue from Eckhart Tolle: pain is an alarm clock in order to awaken you.

Something needs to change. It could be your perception (of the situation, its nature and/or yourself), a call to action (stand up from the ant colony!), a small adjustment or a total game changer. Enter: the alchemy of duality.

When you stop fighting pain or discomfort and allow it to enlighten you, you have the potent, active power to change the idea, situation, viewpoint, outcome and your feeling about it. Talk about some powerful alchemy!

I encourage you to playfully investigate the challenges that Life throws at you. It’s all for the good of your evolution and thus for the evolution of the Planet. Let’s play!





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