Out of balance – an alternative Mothers’ Day post

Earth, our Planet is our Family and Home. You and me and the whole human race – we are the children of this Earth.

But we’re cranky, unwell. Like angry teenagers, we’re cutting ourselves off from the support net round us, from our Planetary Family (Mother Earth, our uncles and aunts the Plants and our brothers and sisters, the Animals) and we’re feeling agitated, lost, insecure, stressed out and very, very confused.

“When I get into that mind-state, that paradoxical dilemma where I feel stuck and frustrated…it feels as if my head gets six times as big as it should be. And my chest becomes all clouded, dirty and troubled.”, I told my dear sparring sister on Skype.

She adviced me to make a drawing of that state, and then, after that would be finished, to add a loving Mother to the picture.

So I followed her advice, and the clarity came as I was drawing.

As soon as I spend too much time in the artificial world of computers, smart phones, asphalt and media obesity, I get this feeling of being separate, cut off from belonging, my mental actions run rampant and my (energetic) head swells up to extraordinary proportions. I get grumpy, hard and negative.

But all I need to remember is that Mother (Earth, Nature) is there – always. She lovingly embraces me even when I don’t notice it.

I’m like that stubborn teenager. I need to soften, relax and open up. To rest in the arms of  this omnipresent Love and re…calibrate. Come back to my own Nature, to my own balance and my pace. Return to my calling, my flow, my way.

And from there I can participate in Life in a meaningful way again.


Find your ceremony of re-balancing. Remember to return to it regularly. I call this ‘mothering myself’.

Help others to do the same. Refill your well of inspiration, then see what participating there is for you to do in this interconnected global Family of Life.

Get rooted, in you. Get Loved, by Nature. Open up and belong.








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