Personal blossoming

Everything in Life has its time, its seasons. So does the multiple, ongoing unfolding of You.

After a long wintersleep my attention gently got kissed awake by the sprouting seeds that I had planted. My attention and awareness steadily grew together with the seedlings, destined for the new gardening season.

As I was tending to the new growth of green, somehow the nurturing and care got mirrored back to me as well – inside of me, processes were taking place, forming petals inside of a bud if you like, to allow blossoming later in spring.

And now the buds are opening, the blossoming is here, in its natural time.

It is the sensory knowing through my body (and not the perceptions of my mind) that intuitively checks in to the flow of this moment, right now, and accordingly follows the natural rhythms of action and rest, interaction and solitude.

This is so effortless it is hilarious: the contrast with all the struggles of trying to accomplish things at the wrong time is obvious, huge, grotesque. Information is now seeping to every cell in my body, saturating every minuscule particle of every cell. I AM. Not the body. Not the mind. But This. Self. Consciousness.

“The information” is intuition, skills, abilities, connectedness, knowing… I’m trying to describe with words a state of Oneness that I had experienced before for shorter periods of time during satsang and retreats, but then it got covered up again with the chaos of Life. Now it’s as if, ever so gently, one sentence (“Perhaps you’ve been searching in the wrong direction”) and admitting the Truth of it, flicked a switch. A gentle, soft…”click”.

And I’m on. Consciousness inhabits me truly, it flows right through me and radiates out of me. Life is effortless. I still carry groceries and cook of course, I do my things and search my mind for words when writing this blog. But the pressure, frustration, pushing, forcing…is gone.

From experience I know that I might forget that I always already knew. But then I can re-read this post :)

There is a time for everything.
Trust me; if it doesn’t work out now, then this is the time for something else. Relax. Go with the flow of Life.
Rest when you’re tired, eat when hungry, play when you feel like it. Enjoy Life.

PS. I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve found a wonderful space to give the Ayurvedic massages at!
Find out more on this page -> Ayurvedic massage: deep relaxation and increased energy


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