Midsummer and flowers

This is the most potent, magical, energetic time of the year in the Northern hemisphere.

Whether you’re celebrating midsummer in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, take notice of the most extreme expansion of Light – the longest day – in the wheel of this year, and celebrate it in your unique way.

I have been missing in action online, since I was in action out in the green. Harvesting and drying herbs for herbal infusions to be enjoyed later in the year, making elder flower champagne, trying to organize my overfull suburban garden and having my own inner pondering conversation about how much green is too much and should I introduce more flowers into my garden or not.

After the colour explosion of this spring, the garden is now very green. Even though it’s my favourite colour, I’ve decided to turn my focus on flowers for a while.


Lots of green – and tomato plants. Later in the season you’ll see red spheres between the support poles…

Being a Healing Garden type of girl, I always considered flowers as a pretty extra bonus. But now, on the earthly level, two things in my life are pointing towards flowers: the welcoming of Bees very recently, and a colleague at the medicinal herbs garden where I volunteer, who is missing flowers in all that green. (Seems that my own healing garden is not the only one suffering a mild fatigue of flowers!)

Comfrey flowers


The reproductive organ of plants. A celebration of Life, in the plant-kingdom-way. Their interaction with Bees. Their beauty and fragrance. I mean – how fantastic is the whole spectrum of different kinds of flowers and fragrance, and the ‘fitting’ pollinators? There is something very special and magical about flowers.

Lavender in bloom

Did you know that in flower essences, the energetic essence of a flower is captured in pure spring water, using only three (or four) elements: the flowers, water and sunlight, and the intentional focus of the herbalist?
To conserve the mother essence one preserves it in organic brandy.

The flowering of Sage is over, St.Johns wort is still in a tight yellow bud.

And in aromatherapy we use the essential oils of fragrant plants. The essential oils are vaporized out of the plant material and collected via a cooler into a receiver vessel, where you’ll find the hydrosol (fragrant water) and the essential oil floating on top of the hydrosol. Both matters can be utilized for healing purposes, one plant usually having several actions it can support in a human body. And several plants sharing some of the same actions with each other.

At the beginning of my herbalist career I was confused in the land of such abundance – what is the use of having multiple plants one could use for balancing out one discomfort? But now I know. It’s all about the energetics – the energy of a specific plant and its compatibility with a specific human being. Fascinating, complex, rich and abundant!

Talking about aromatherapy and essential oils…Finally the summer edition (2017) of my soul support scents is ready – just in time! You can find it here.







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