On illness, health and healing

Life energy – chi –  flows everywhere on our Planet, also in and through our bodies.

When we are aligned with our Soul Paths – the things we came to Earth to do – we experience joy and ease, positive coincidences, we’re in a state of flow and synchronicity with Life.

When we are not aligned with that what we came here to do, it causes a discord, discomfort, imbalance, blockages and ultimately, illness.
A physical state of illness is a shout from the Soul to us to pay attention. The Soul had tried whispering, then speaking but you didn’t pay attention…  We’d better pay attention, do some deep listening if we want to get our health back.

I was happily minding my business, busy-busy, barely noticing the discomforts of constantly cold feet and fatigue, when – bam! – out of nowhere I sprained my lower back and was sent to the couch for a week.

My initial irritation of all the things waiting on my to do-list soon melted into curiosity and probing; what is my Soul telling me, what was I failing to notice?

Illness is a blessing in disguise.
Use the time of rest and recovery to dig to the root of the matter, in honour to your wonderful chance of being here on Earth right now with the other twinkling souls.
Examine, re-evaluate and re-set your values and priorities.

Feel like reading more about your Soul Path? Look here.

Curious about your native powers? Read this!

Things always happen for a reason.

Simperi spiritual mentoring and energy healing.

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