Tree spirit transfer

(a re-post from Instagram)

First, a little note on silence. Spiritwork, for me, feels so intimate I often don’t even think about sharing it – but then again we’re all here to share with each other in order to learn so why not.

Last year an important plant spirit ally, Spruce, the guardian of our French home (and ‘husband’ of our Cherry Mama) was – not quite felled by a winter storm but – leaning on the trees behind it.
We tried to push it back up and to fasten it with steel cables, with the help of neighbors, tractor and clever thinking.
We watched its progress with a worried heart for a year, adjusting things when and where needed.

But now he was looking very weary and the ‘fix’ was blown askew by yet another storm.
“Dear Spruce, how are you feeling?”
His answer was exhaustion – he was so very tired of trying to hold on.
My heart squeezed with sadness, knowing the battle is over, gravity had won…But I had brought a crystal, and if he liked it, he could go into it and I’d find a new home for him, one that stands strongly rooted in the ground.
I sensed a surprise in his reaction and a slight sadness.

The crystal sat snugly in the curve of trunk and branch for 1,5 days. Then I wrapped it in silk and took it with me.

In the Auvergne, France, I knew of a big spruce forest and we went to take a look, but deeper in the forest we discovered it was being cut for timber. Time was up and I took the spirit-crystal with me. Back in the Netherlands I was looking with my inner eye for a suitable new home for the spirit and quite easily arrived at a candidate, but also deciding on a spare location.

I went to take a look. To my surprise, I found this fully grown, first-candidate-tree ’empty’, and returned the following morning together with the Spruce spirit in his crystal. Softly pressing the crystal against the trunk of this new tree-home I opened my spirit for observing (trying to explain here that there’s not much use in expecting things to go a certain way) and suggested he’d take a look.

Slowly, with curiosity and astonishment the spirit of the Spruce was stretching along the trunk of his new habitat. I heard him laughing about the thinner branches but he was happy – no, more than that – to feel the tall space, the firm rooting and the new qualities of his surroundings. I showed him telepathically where we are now in relation to where he was before. I explained that this is a park in a village and he’d hear the sounds of village life around him. He is in the far corner of the park, sweetly enjoying this new chance, curious about his tree-neighbors (who ARE at home) and hopefully telling fairy tales to curious children who come to lean against his trunk – which is how my own relationship with trees begun.

Thank you for reading, I’m looking forward to possible comments!




  1. I don’t know anything about this, but I looked it up because I had an experience that sounds crazy. I hope you can help me understand it. I touched a Madrona tree one day in a way in which I really saw it. I was overcome with emotion, my vision went blurry in a half-hypnotic state, and all of the angst left my body. The tree had absorbed it. After that, all I had to do was touch a tree and I would experience the same thing and the same connection. I also realized shortly afterward that I had the ability to transfer my own calm to others, but that is weird because I have ADHD and my spirit animals are all busy and mostly flying things (Phoenix,river otter, bee, and bat). It is as if the tree had grounded me and given me a power. I went back to see the tree today and the tree was dead. I think back and I knew then that it looked dead, but I felt its life force. Now I wonder if this tree spirit is inside of me and grounding me and why I feel like I begin to lose who I am if I don’t go for regular walks and touch trees. Please explain this to me because I was raised ultra conservative religious and I only started trusting my own spirit as having truth in it when I left abuse a few years ago. Connecting to nature was viewed by me as a peaceful experience, but only because I thought I was experiencing God’s artwork. After that day, just a month ago, I know now that trees have their own spirits and there is a power in each one that is far beyond what I ever imagined. All I know is what I experienced, but I have never heard of such a thing before and now I am reading this and hearing that it is a thing. Please teach me.

  2. Dear Tifani, thank you for sharing your experiences! I think, from reading your story, that you have ‘come home’ to something that fits your Soul Path like a glove. We all get restless from all the impulses around us – not least the electronic devices! – whereas our body is organic and tuned into nature. When we don’t connect with nature enough, anxiety, depression, restlessness and emptiness can show up as symptoms.
    Trees are wise and networked with other plants via their roots. They are also great grounders for us, just as big boulders of rock and the mountains are.
    I’m delighted to read about your spirit animals, all very special beings – a (very) short summary; Phoenix – transformation, Otter – caretaking of family and surroundings, bee – divine connection, bat – ability to navigate in the dark.
    Personally I don’t think the tree spirit is inside of you, but that it awakened the recognition of Nature Connection within your Soul. See if you can have telepathic conversations with trees as you approach and touch them. It’s nice to do something for them in return – bring some water in dry times, clean up their surroundings or decorate a bit, perhaps make a mandala?
    If you’re interested in learning more, perhaps consider Spirit Mentoring? You can find more about it here :

    Kind regards, Nina Simperi

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