Connect, Heal, Empower

Back to Nature, the natural human

The background story to Simperi’s core philosophy; Connect, Heal and Empower.


The time of ‘divide and rule’ on our dear planet Earth has been rampant for too long. We know by now what its results are: fear, isolation, war, injustice and the enrichment of very few. This can and must be changed.

With ‘Connect‘ I’m steering towards connection on multiple levels:

the connection with Self; side-stepping the rattlings of the Mind, we’re steering at a direct connection with your Soul and Higher Self, so that you can hear directly from Source what is good for you and what is not so great for you.
Learn to distinguish the voices of the wishful Mind from the true voice of your Self. Always trust your inner compass.

the connection with Other; cultivate integral heart-to-heart connections, shun away from manipulation, false promises, pleasing and/or the burden of culturally indoctrinated commitments. Pay attention to synchronicities, the way the other makes you feel (truly), your intuition. The eyes are the window to the Soul. Trust your intuition.

the connection with Community; may your community be rich in variety of people, abundant in recognition of your true Self, safe in the naturally flowing support. And if it is not, please consider returning to the first two tiers: the connection with Self and the connection with Other, and search for the weaknesses that can be remedied.


Thoughts lead to emotions, emotions create hormones, hormones direct the functions of the body, the functions of the body affect our well-being.

During healing sessions, I’m working with life energy (chi), intuition and shamanic vision. Removing emotional and energetic debris and blockages, enhancing the natural flow of chi in the body and it’s energy fields, giving your own Source energy being more space and empowerment… that is what happens when I’m working with energy from a distance.

Some clients want to hear the full report of the sessions, others are quite content with just feeling relaxed and vitalised.


The point of all this Connecting and Healing is to Empower.

Empower in order to take the steps you came to Earth to take. To fulfill your potential, to learn, grow and understand. To participate in creating a new Earth – one of freedom, equality, abundance, health, joy and love.

We can look together into your Soul Path map – read the signs of hunches and dreams, hear the whispers of Soul and higher Self, express the calling.

In the hope that when you have gathered your power and even before your courage is full ;) you will step forward and join this magnificent adventure we call Life on Earth.

connect, heal, empower

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