Organic orgonite

In the beginning of this year I was reading about orgonite. It’s a human-made compound that neutralises electro-magnetic frequencies and increases vital energy, orgone (or chi or prana).

We’ve got some orgonite in house and I thought of making more, but the synthetic resin that keeps orgonite together is intuitively not feeling quite right to me and thus holding me back.

And now I’m experimenting with ‘organic superorgonite’!

What is Organic (super)orgonite?

In short, it’s a perennial plant (or tree / bush) with a semi-prescious stone (crystal) in a copper coil at its roots.

Instead of synthetic resin, Organic orgonite utilises organic materials as a binding factor; soil, micro organisms and roots…

The idea is to connect Earth energy + the crystal energy + the energy of the plant.
The plant functions as an organic antennae that emits the crystal-enhanced Earth energy through its own personal being into its surroundings.

Plants filter electromagnetic frequencies and other kinds of pollution out of the air, and are in a symbiotic relationship with all animals – including humans – through amongst other things, the exchange of gases (oxygen – CO2).

Wisteria seedlings with crystals

I see crystals as energy powerhouses and information keepers that can affect Earth energy, energy grids and portals.

my tools – a meditation mala and Lemurian crystal from Spirit Carrier


I also understand Earth as a (feminine) living, sentient being, with energy channels, internal processes, information and emotions.

I think there are quite some crystals ‘missing in action’ at the moment. Using crystals respectfully and wisely as a tool is fine to me, but the large scale mining doesn’t feel right. Crystals can be ‘gifted’ by Earth to us, by letting them surface out of the Earth or on the shores of water. But when we’ve collected so many crystals that they are missing in action – not in use as a tool – I would prefer to give them back to the Earth in the form of Organic (super)orgonite.

Hereby a call to all; should you have ‘extra’ crystals lying around in your house that you are not actively using, perhaps you would like to gift them to the Organic orgonite project?

I will place them, in a copper coil, under their own germinating seed or young plant and let them grow in my suburban nursery until they are big enough to be planted out in gardens, orchards and out in the wild. Hopefully – with some intuitive insight – in auspicious Earth energy nodes to enhance energy lines and increase positive life energy while cleaning the surrounding atmosphere from pollutants.

Each Organic (super)orgonite plant comes with a label indicating plant name and the kind of crystal at its roots.
Interested? Email me with your questions for more information!

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