Divine timing

Do not haste,
don’t linger.
The World is eager for your participation
but only when
you are ready.


I learn from nature that everything has its time. A crocus will bloom in early spring and provide nectar and pollen to the bees as they make their first flights after the winter. Before the summers’ heat begins, there is a lot of rain to top up the groundwater.

In our lifetime there are periods of different moods, speeds and challenges.
Sometimes ‘life lives us’, we have to just dance along with the fierce choreography of what is happening. But oftentimes we get to choose.

Here is a list of questions to ruffle up your thoughts in order to get in tune with Divine Timing. I hope you find it more helpful than irritating ;)

Do we choose ‘afresh’ or out of habit?
When there is room to grow into a greater version of your Self, do you extend your boundaries, relaxing into the new space, or stay put in the safe and familiar, out of habit?

Do you ‘jump’ because your Mind tells you to do so, or do you tune in to Heart and synch into Divine Timing?

About timing in relation to projects and hopes: do you probe on the planted Seed, disturbing its slumber, or do you trust it has a wisdom of its own?

Agitation and discomfort: do you have the compassion towards yourself to gently look for the root cause of any dis-ease you might be experiencing?

It takes patience and then courage to step into your Grander version of yourself when the time is ripe – when Life invites you to take that step forward… Be gentle and loving towards yourself, and yet brave – in order to allow your dreams unfold to reality.

A tiny seed becomes a mighty tree. You too have a blueprint encoded into you.

Listen to the Divine Timing.




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