Nature connection with fairies in the hedgerow

Nature connection has many possibilities of expression – walks, gardening and just sitting in nature taking it all in are the first that spring to mind.

From there, connecting with all kinds of sentient beings, from the plant- , animal- and elemental kingdoms to nature spirits follow.

Let’s go and look for Nature Spirits in the hedgerow, shall we?

Hawthorn. While I’m feeling the Hawthorn have a presence of its own, I’m also sensing smaller, flying beings weaving their playful flight between the blossoms, later in the year becoming berries. Hawthorn is safe with it’s spiky beauty and healing qualities, it has a soothing energy that connects with the Heart.

Elder. The tempting lemonade aroma of the Elder blossoms invites us to come and have closer look. A portal between the open, light meadow, and the shadows of a woods, between the ‘usual, mundane’ and the magical, healing. Elder is the Grandmother, the Crone, holding endless stories and an access to ancestral timelines. And its berries give a fantastic immunoboost as well :) (Find out how to properly make this medicine, the seeds are toxic in larger quantities)

Fairies are known as tricksters, as little people who find it quite entertaining to have a laugh on humans. What do you think, why would that be?
Could it be because to them, we are a little bit too serious, too rigid, too much in our mind, busy following the rules and not playing enough? It might be an invitation, to be more child-like, open-minded, curious and creative!

They love music and dance. Play a flute or bells to them to delight them, bring them tiny offerings of honey cake and some light mead, befriend them! I’m certain it’ll be a fun friendship!

Curious to learn more about nature spirits? Request a mentoring session, here.

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