Spirit Animal

In our current western society, there are some conversation subjects that I sorely miss.
One of them is that of Spirit Animals, personal allies in the spirit that are less visible, but can be more powerful than our pets.

Have you noticed that sometimes a person has an animal name? Like Ursula, is a female bear. Or Arend, an eagle.
Or have you paid notice to people collecting images of a specific animal – owls, cats or dolphins for instance?

To me, those are indications of Spirit Animal allies, consciously or subconsciously chosen and manifested.

Almost every one I’ve met has a Spirit Animal.
It’s not any of my business to figure out other people’s animal allies, but as time goes by, they manifest loud and clear…and I take notice.

As I see it, the role of a Spirit Animal ally is, at its very basic level, to protect it’s ally – you – and enhance one’s intuition.
As we cultivate the relationship, there are interesting conversations to have, places to visit and things to do together.

I’ve made a Spirit Animal Meditation for you, you can see it on the Spirit Tool Kit page or download it directly here.

I’ve got a little summer assignment for you:
Find out your Spirit Animal ally and share!
Either in the comments hereΒ  below, or on Instagram: in a post of your own, using #SpiritAnimalAlly or #KrachtdierMeditatie, or in the comments under my post on Insta with the same illustration that you see here in this blog .

I’m looking forward to reading about your findings!


As always, I’m expressing my own opinion here, based on my own experiences. It might be that you have other experiences – do let me know!
I’m always interested in a constructive conversation!







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