The organic internet

Have you ever thought about the amazing qualities of internet? How it makes it so much easier to find information, to connect and communicate with each other, and to exchange ideas and goods with each other…what a blessing, isn’t it?!

And now imagine – if the internet would crash – what would you do?

I’m guessing that we would not go back to pre-internet lifestyle and communications, because we already have had the experience of connecting with each other in invisible, intangible ways.
We would make a quantum jump in our evolution much faster than with the current modus: as long as ‘all our desires are met’ and we’re blissfully distracted by our selected, preferred noise on the different media…

Let’s step out of the box and daydream and fantasize for a while, shall we?

In nature (my stuff roots in nature! ) plants, animals and the elements are in a constant, dynamic dialogue with each other. Without words or a language, but by instinct and telepathy.
We humans are fully capable of communicating with nature beings in this way as well, but for the most of the time we’re too distracted by mental noise.

I have two experiments for you to do… See if you like (one of) them, and what happens.
Will you report your findings in the comments below?

Experiment #1
Go to a place in nature where mature trees grow. Find a place to sit (or bring something to sit on), go barefoot if possible and become as quiet as possible. “Empty” would be a word I’d like to use to describe this desired state, or “still”.
When you’re ready, with close or half-close eyes ‘look’ with your inner eye or sense with your energetic Heart the different beings around you. In my experience, trees are the easiest to notice, followed by any great rocks. Each being has an energy field, with signature qualities to it; big, small, heavy, light, with a particular emotion or feeling to it, some might see colours or hear different kind of voices or sounds, or feel different sorts of vibration. See if any of the beings around you wants to communicate with you. See if you want to communicate with them. As with people, so it is with natural beings as well, especially nature spirits – be discerning about with who you choose to interact… Remain polite and friendly, and respectful to the limits you and others set for themselves. Did you make new friends?

Experiment #2
Do you have a pet? Then this little experiment is quite fun to do:
Look for a moment when your pet is resting – not sleeping, but not active either. Do your thing until then, and when you spot your opportunity, stop what you were doing (you can still pretend you’re doing your thing if you like), and without looking directly at your pet, open a telepathic conversation with them, for instance calling their name lovingly and softly from your Heart, without using your voice. See what happens… remain curious and open to ‘hear’ their reaction!

These interactions are variations on what I like to call ‘the organic internet’  or natural connection – it’s intuition, telepathy and the ability to hear, see, sense or just ‘know’ things beyond our 3D experience. For example, you suddenly think about someone, and they call or message you. Or you irrationally choose a different route, and find yourself to be in the right place, at the right time to do something special or meet someone special. Congratulations, you were connected to the ‘organic internet’!

I would like to encourage you to play with these things instead of playing with your mobile phone :)
Stretch your natural muscles and abilities, share with people you feel comfortable with sharing and grow together in dialogue.
Connect with the natural world around you!

Would you like to learn more about natural connection?
Join a gathering if you can, or come to a Nature connection workshop.
If you prefer working one-on-one, mentoring is just the thing for you.

PS. Do you know someone who might enjoy reading this article too? Do send them the link!


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