Women rising – a healing journey

Here in Europe there is talk about a ‘female quota’ for the corporate world. In order to get more women in top positions, a quote will be applied, stating there should be a minimum of 30% women on company boards (30% = the Dutch quota).

I’m going to simplify things quite a bit in order to get to my point.
I see three problems (and one solution) in this male-female imbalance still in place in our world:

1. While the goal is great, the means are not so appealing. Who wants to be proposed just because they’re a woman? I know the reality isn’t so black-and-white, but the gut feeling edges towards the unappealing side of the quota. We want to be seen for who we are, for our subtler multidimensional skills and talents and perhaps also a little bit for our charms. Just like men do.

2. There is still a gender gap in the salaries. Fix the financial reward (= appreciation…) and you’ll fix the amount of people showing up. This applies to the structural shortage in teachers, nurses and police as well.

3. After hundreds of years of oppression (, death sentences) and mockery, the courage required to stand up and declare one’s truth is quite a challenge and a painful reality, although suppressed in order to cope in our everyday living, and thus it is almost subconscious and very obstructive.

Our modern community is blocking away the horrors of which hunt and suppression of women, because the female emancipation is a modern thing, and so we declare with our logic, “the past is history”. But we are multidimensional beings. We are more than our mind / brain. Our soul remembers, our collective consciousness hasn’t forgotten, and our ancestral family hasn’t yet en masse caught up on the modern emancipation.

I’ve gone through this myself, and I now see a lot of friends and clients going through it as we speak: the clearing of female trauma.

On one side the present moment is calling us to step forward and reclaim our rightful stance of sovereign power.
But on the other side the past is demanding to be seen, heard and healed.

Our ancestors carry the knowledge of what can happen to a woman if she is too visible or uses her intuitive powers (which are totally natural) too freely. And so, they do everything in their power to keep their dear descendant alive, by warning the woman in our present time should not to step into the limelight. It takes quite some self-talk and/or ancestral communication and healing to overcome this hinder.

Our soul remembers what happened a few times when we were foolish enough to act out of our knowing, our integral wisdom. However painful, the past wants to be seen, heard and healed before it will stop tugging at the subconscious.

There is also some healing to be done between men and women. As a collective, we’ve been polarised against each other for decennia. The distrust runs deep, even between women (as climbing up the social ladder was sometimes a matter of life and death) and we need to practice gentleness, integrity, loving curiosity and true, tender intimacy to learn to know each other again. And to acknowledge that within us all, both genders are present in a variety of proportions.

All this clearing out the past has been aptly named shadow work. It sounds a bit unappealing, but let me re-frame the workings of it: we are shining the light of our attention, compassion and consciousness into the darker corners of our soul, the collective consciousness and the human family. What is seen, recognised and loved will heal and cease to hurt. We can only learn a lesson when we’ve comprehended it in its totality. Healing the past is something that needs to be done, collectively, in order for us to evolve as a species.
By seeing, understanding and healing our recent human history will finally put the past to rest, empower ourselves immensely in our present moment and open the flow of Source energy or in other words, lift our vibration to a totally new level. We are multidimensional beings. It is time that we remember that, that we reclaim our power and start living in harmony with the lore of Nature again.

Where to begin? Let’s shine a light on the invisible world together, in healing and mentoring sessions!


( image: LOVE by Alexander Milov )

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