Connection – your intuition hotline

Connection – when you’re ON – plugged in, switched on, tuned-in…the sweet, blissful realisation of belonging. The powerful flow of life energy, chi, and an overflowing well of Love that bubbles from our very own Hearts, the knowing of all things… We want it so badly, but how to reach it?

When we relax (into our true Self), it becomes possible to connect with expressions of Life, seen and unseen, on our beautiful planet Earth (and beyond!)…and we get ‘plugged in’ to a vast network of energy, of consciousness. This network of consciousness is an expression of the One that we all are a part of, the Source where we come from and, ultimately, belong to.

But back to Earth! Life on Earth. The messaging in the news may seem quite dualistic at the moment, the contrast is getting edgier because we, as a collective, are getting more awake and aware, therefore we are seeing more, understanding more – also of the old hierarchical power structures and the things less pretty. All the nastiness is a wake-up call, and an invitation to choose more wisely, action by action, word by word.

In these times where we spend so much time on our devices…times of ‘bubbles’ and lonely people in busy cities a sense of overwhelm and fatigue lures just around the corner. When you feel it, the unease and chaos of it all…it’s time to turn inward and connect with Self.

In order to dive into a deeper connection, we need to explore a bit, put in some time and effort.

Connection with Self is self-inquiry, intimately getting to know the way your thoughts and energy work, the unique patterns of your inner machinery, your personality. It is also doing shadow work (resolving unhelpful patterns), rooting you in a deeper relationship with who you are in this lifetime – and beyond. Realising that there is a Source energy shining through the persona…and that the ‘person’ – the name, the thoughts, the inner machinery – is just another shell, just like your body and outside that, your clothing, to play with and experience through, during this lifetime. It is a silent explosion when you realise your true nature! Wow! And we are all That, regardless if we are aware of it or not!

Connection with the other; Love. Compassion.
Connection with the other can be superficial, small talk chit-chat about the weather, like junk food but then in words, wasting time and energy.
In order to have truly meaningful connections, we need to intentionally slow down.
Slow down the race of the mind, the pace of our steps. Slow down our breathing a bit. Slow down our eye movements, and dare to look our connection-partner in the eyes.
“The eyes are the window (or the mirror) of the Soul”, we say. Eyes can be piercing and hard, but also teasing fun-eyes, bubbling with laughter, they can be deep lakes of Love and they can even shine a divine light. Be curious. Take a look.

Understanding that we’re all here with our individual, unique gifts to share and with our lessons to learn, all equal because we’re ultimately all One, all different because we’re all an unique expressions of Spirit. Stay sensitive to your own vibe – your mental and emotional state – and the vibes of others, and connect accordingly… Deliberately search the higher path and help, support, hold space for others when you can and when it feels right (watch out for thinking that you need to save anyone). Love. Love is always the way. The Natural way.

Connection with Source. Connection goes to where energy flows… be mindful of your energy housekeeping! There are many kinds of energies in this multiverse.
Tune in. Tune in to living the Natural way. I refer to it as tuning into the flow…  You’re ever so gently feeling into the energy field of here and now, exchanging information about your own being, about the energy fields around you. You will know when time is ripe and when it’s not, when you need to connect with people and when to stay very close to your Self, when it’s time to sow, to prune….to do anything, also when it’s time to contemplate, pause, to rest – to just be.
You have access to all knowledge you need within you, you have access to all information outside you – through this energy field of Life, through the channels of connection, in all directions of time and space.
Stay calm. Stay rooted. Stay simply natural.

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