May the Source be with you

A breath of Life, flowing through every living being and thing in the multiverse; it is in every cell of our bodies, in the plants, animals, in water, stone, fire, fresh air…even in skillfully crafted objects.

All living, sentient beings are One. They are manifestations of Source, expressing themselves in a multitude of ways; from the little ant to the majestic mountain, from the silky, peaceful rabbit to rough storm waves in the ocean. You can find it in the tough grass, pushing up new leaves towards the Sun from its roots.

Those are a few of the physical appearances of the Source manifesting itself.
In its visible forms these expressions of the Source are easily recognisable to our senses, familiar.
But the essence of the Source is usually hidden from our eyes. This flowing energy of life force can be felt, experienced, noticed.

Let’s experiment with a simple yet effective practice:
Vigorously rub your palms together and then bring your hands in front of you, palms facing each other without touching, as if holding a ball – you get to decide how big the ball is.
Experiment with different distances of the palms from each other – can you feel the energy field bouncing between your palms? It might help to close your eyes during this experiment in order to focus better on your sense of feeling. If it is the first time you’re trying something like this, and it doesn’t seem to work immediately, don’t loose heart. Test it out every now and then, in different settings, at different times, building your muscle of energy sensitivity.

A next step from this practice is to try it out with a partner:
– with another curious human being; bring hand palms – or lips… – closer to each other, sensing the energy field of each other
– or with your pet; after cuddling / spending some time together, try feeling its energy field with your hand palm
– or a plant; after tending to your plant, try to feel or to see with your minds eye if you can find its energy field

The energy field of sentient beings is electric of nature. Our emotions, state of relaxation and level of awareness alter our energy field. There is a subtle but clear difference between the energy body (= what you have been feeling in the excercises mentioned above) and the aura.
The aura is a consciousness body, extending beyond the energy body, and it too can be sensed, by feeling (with hands and/or sixth sense) or, by those who are gifted in the clair-voyant ways, by seeing the aura in its colourful glory.

Source energy, flowing through us, breathing us to Life and sentient living, is intelligent in and from itself.
We can tune in to our inner knowlegde, readily available in all of us – our intuition – and let it guide us in our daily life and in the important decisions on our paths. I recommend gentle tuning-in with intuition, rather than listening to our minds, since the mind is usually just repeating learnt patterns.
Intuition is fresh, creative and guiding you from the inside, whereas the mind will repeat the unconscious programming of the collective, picked up by us from the outside.
If you’re wondering where exactly to look inside of you for the voice of your intuition, try focusing your attention to your Heart area.  It is the seat of your Soul, and is in direct contact with Source wisdom. I call this inner knowing “tuning into the higher Self ” (the lower Self being the Ego, a product of the mind).

We can find dynamic expressions of the Source in martial arts, in energy healing, in shamanic journeying, in clair-cognition, intuition…and in all the abundance that is visible and non-visible to us on this lovely planet Earth.
I’d love to read your sharing on this subject, either in the comments below, or in an email.

And, inspired by my recent re-visit to the Star Wars films, I’ve altered the famous Jedi’s greeting to suit my own vocabulary better;
May the Source be with you!

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